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NOTE 5/12/2020: Due to the newest bullshittery of fanfiction dot net now slapping big fukin ads right in the middle of STORIES without author permission and sure as hell not giving the authors any compensation for profiting even more off their work (banner ads with viruses in them were bad enough) I am no longer posting ANY content here. There will be no more chapter updates for my WIPs. There will be no new stories posted. Old stories will be preserved as-is over on AO3 for safekeeping and deleted as I get to them.

I'm done dealing with this website and their endless bs. You can find me on AO3 under the exact same username. That is the ONLY place I will be posting fanfic.

I do not support or approve of the way this website treats writers, aka THEIR CONTENT CREATORS. I do not consent to big disruptive ads being placed in the middle of MY written words. I do not consent to MY written words being censored and edited without my permission or even with warning. I've been through a lot over here on this website. I've been around since '08. I had fics deleted with no warning and still stuck around. I've dealt with the endless sea of spam accounts. And I've put up with their censoring my written words for long enough. Honestly I'm not sure why I've bothered for so long.

Everything that I have posted is being moved over to AO3 for safekeeping. Everything is being kept as-is when originally posted here.

FIND ME ON AO3 AS TheBeckster!

Thanks for the good times y'all!


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