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For anyone who's interested (i'm assuming you are if you are at this page ;) ) My name is Nicolette Jane or just Niki. I move constantly, but currently live in Australia. I have red hair and blue eyes (but i guess that's not really important). Not sure what you really write on here.. if you're reading this and you haven't read any of my stories... go do so now!! Why are you still reading this? go.

(: Just kidding.

Here's some meaningless information about my boring life :

-I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.

-I'm insanely obsessed with James/Lily. I spend so much time reading their fics, it's not even funny.

-i find red heads crazy attractive (and amazingly fit quidditch players.)

-Reviews make my day! actually, sadly, they probably make my whole week.

-Every spare minute i can get, i draw and write.

-food is my bestmate.

-nutella is my lover.

-i hate sleeping with socks on.

-i change my nail-polish color every single day (i have a problem. *note to self: seek psychiatric help for obsessive nail-polish disorder)

-I've just recently seen the new twilight move and since it's so freshly in my mind, i just have to say that is was horrible. don't waste your money. i have no idea what possessed me to spent my precious hard earned cash.

-Sometimes, i just want to jump on incredibly fit boys. I mean, it's just not fair for them to stand there with all their... fitness and NOT expect us to want to jump them. *sigh*

-If i saw Sirius Black when he was 17, i would most definitely JUMP HIM. SNOG HIM. ATTACK HIM. he would most likely take out a restraining order on my crazy ass.

-i HAVE to do my smiley faces like (: .

I would continue with this list but i can't be you can probably tell from some of these facts, I'm a nutter. If you're a nutter too! Then message me or whatever. (: I always enjoy meeting fellow crazy people.

Favorite shows: Smallville season 1-5, Supernatural, Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Awkward, Game of Thrones, Glee, Two and a half men, Family Guy, Bones, Nikita, the Tudors, the Pillars of the Earth

If you read that, congrats. (: i would have quit ages ago. Take a quick look at my stories. Help me improve. It would mean ALOT.

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