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Hello there my follow writers and Readers I am Blackdove085 but if you want you guys can call me Rachel or R.A Turney. Which ever would work for you. I thank you all for all of your support to lead me to want to become a writer and I will put a little work into writing my fiction. But enough of that, I am a usual person and that's all I have to tell you because there are no other words for me to describe myself other than that. But if you want to know more, scroll down and you'll be able to know more about me from the small amount of information. And always remember that Winter is Coming.


Books: Harry Potter, Lord of the flies, and Shakespeare along with Edgar Alan Poe's work.

Movies: Star wars, All of Tim Burton's works, along with Clint Eastwood because of my grandpa influence.

Television: Game of Thrones, NCIS, Dallas, and Law & Order SVU these are because of my grandparents.

Anime: Hetalia and Bleach

Cartoons: The cartoons that if you were born in 1990 -1998, and Adventure Time

Video Games: Silent hill series, Alice Madness returns, Tony Hawk's underground, and Sonic adventure two battle game.

Soda: Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Cola.

Snacks: Almost anything

Couples and why

Harry Potter

I don't picture the actors anymore because of the ending of the movies now it how I picture them in my head as for all of Harry Potter

Draco and Luna, because of the story Prisoner, oh how I need to finish reading it.

Harry and Ginny I just love what J.K. Rowling did with them

Hermione and Draco , I just do, I don't know why

Hermione and Ron, the same with Harry and Ginny

Hermione and Fred, I love the fan fiction written for them.

Hermione and Neville, I enjoy how you can make a sweet couple out of them.

Hunger Games

I do not support any couples, but I have found new passion in Hunger Games


Most of the couple I support here are because of historical events and I think only one is just for the hell of it

Russia and Hungary, Iron Curtain and Warsaw Pact

Germany and hungary, World War II

Prussia and hunagary, this is the just for the hell of it couple

England and Ireland, Ireland's my oc and you know how much history Ireland and England has with each other.

AMerican and Israel, the relationship we've with them.

America and Belruas, yeah another just for the hell of it couple

America and Vietnam, Vietnam war that should stand out enough for you people

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