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Hello, thank you for taking a moment to read my profile. Instead of telling you about me, however, I'm going to tell you about my character.

I want to give a short explanation about who Lady Destiny really is. Her background is used subtly in all of my stories, even the older ones. My original character, is not so original. Why? Because she travels across worlds as the maker of all universes, but don't tell her because most of the time she doesn't remember!

You see, my original character is part of the Whole. In a far off plane of existence she is Lady Destiny (Or Lady Legion depending on which her you run into) and she is the Mother. She is the first, and last of her kind. So, you can expect her to make a few mistakes taking care of the her creations. Each universe is one choice away from being the same as one other universe. We call this destiny, and that is of course her domain.

The Lady has four different pieces to her complex form. Lady Destiny, is the beginning of Her while Lady Legion is the After. The most important part, is that she is also The Mother. All three of these pieces to the puzzle are public, and serve some kind of purpose in helping her to lead her children and grandchildren along their journeys. The last and final piece is more personal.

All gods of the Mother, or their children or their children's-children and so forth, have a name that is only for them. Not a name in the sense that you and I are accustomed too. As each are unique, you may imagine that some names are a bit creative. But, whatever it may be is secret. Just as it is in our world, names hold power.

There is of course no record or knowledge of the gods names, or Lady Legion's true name.

I hope that this was helpful in understanding a little about my complex character. If you don't understand her in my stories, or see the subtly then don't worry. You're not missing much as it's not a huge part of the plot line of most of them (Besides The Hunger Games). There are some stories where she does remember her past. In most of my stories she does not, because that would ruin the whole point to the story if I were to make her all powerful and all knowing. If she did know every time then she would change it. But, through the explanation above, she is attempting not to solve what problem the hero or heroine is facing, but instead to simply be there. By being there she is solving her own mistakes. Her mistakes being the making of two identical universes, which will rip the continuum apart with the force of the explosion it would cause.

If anything else might need explaining or you just want to know more, let me know.

I can be reached via:

thetreeofholly at gmail

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