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Hi people!! Well...um...where do i start!! as you can see im a fan of the musical cats (hence the name)! Im a dancer ive been dancing since I was 5! I like to write (obviously or i wouldnt be here) but its not as big of a passion as dancing! Writing is more of a past time!! im very involved with dance and school so i dont have much time to write!! it will probably take a while for me to post stories and update!! sorry but thats the way it is!! It will get done eventually =)!! Anyway im a huge musical freak! i love to go see a show whenever possible! doesnt matter what it is as long as it has a good storyline and music! my fav show ever is Wicked!! but cats comes in a very very very very very very very close second!! Um...as you can tell i dont end sentences with periods i end them with exclamation points!! periods are too boring!! well thats all i can really think about right now! Plus its 11:30 PM and i have school in the morning! Bye-bye now!!

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