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Fandoms I read: Harry Potter, L. M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, The Good Wife, Downton Abbey.

My stories:

Soulmates: A slightly AU, emphatically OOC, "drags out the suffering even longer before coming to an understanding" Anne/Gilbert fic, set just prior to the end of AotI. It makes me cringe to read it now.

Cupid's Apparent Failure: A short, fluffy story I wrote for a Valentine's Day challenge (though I don't think I ever submitted it) set within the confines of AotI. Kind of cute, if awkward.

Avonlea's Brightest Son: What was to be the first volume in my remarkably ambitious conception of retelling the Anne series from Gilbert's perspective. Adding more depth to Gilbert could, I thought, help me to reconcile (or at least complicate) some of the disappointments and capitulations of the later Anne books. A much better effort than 'Soulmates,' but unfortunately a hard drive failure wiped out my plans and work for subsequent chapters. Even more unfortunately, burn-out from my LMM-centered honors thesis ensured that this would remain unfinished.

After The Fall: A story in "The Good Wife" fandom that provides a little background on my favorite character Will.

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