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Definitely vs. Defiantly

He is most definitely acting defiantly.

Definite(ly) = Certain

Defiant(ly) = Rebellious

They're vs. Their vs. There

They're going to their house because you are not there.

They're = Contraction: They Are

Their = Possessive

There = Location

Weary vs. Wary

I am weary of being wary.

Weary = Tired

Wary = Suspicious

Scarred vs. Scared

I am scared of scarred dogs.

Scarred = Healed wounds

Scared = Frightened

Wonder vs. Wander

I often wonder as I wander.

Wonder = Think, Ponder

Wander = Roam

Stared vs. Starred

I stared at the actor who starred in my favorite movie.

Stared = Look at

Starred = Lead performer

Loose vs. Lose

In football, a loose ball may cause a team to lose the game.

Loose = Needs Tightening

Lose = Lose your wallet

You're vs. Your

You're going to trip if you don't tie your shoelaces.

You're = Contraction: You Are

Your = Possessive

It's vs. Its

Sometimes it's not really important to a cat where its owner is.

It's = Contraction: It Is or It Has

Its = Possessive

Affect vs. Effect

When you affect my thinking, you may have an effect on my actions.

Affect = Influence, Usual a Verb

Effect = A Result, Usually a Noun

Then vs. Than

The turbine then began to spin faster than he'd expected.

Then = Indicates Time

Than = Comparative

Who vs. Whom

Depends on whether you’re referring to the subject or object of a sentence.

Who = Subjective pronoun, substitute with "he," "she," "it," "we," & "they"

(Who Loves me? He loves me.)

Whom = Objective pronoun, substitute with "him," "her," "it", "us," & "them"

(I consulted a doctor whom I met in Boston. I consulted him.)

That vs. Which

“Which” qualifies, "That” restricts.

That = A restrictive pronoun. It’s vital to the noun to which it’s referring.

(I don’t trust veggies that aren’t organic.)

Which = Introduces a relative clause & qualifiers.

(I recommend you eat only organic veggies, which are available in area grocery stores.)

Lay vs. Lie

Lay = Transitive verb. Requires a direct subject & 1 or more objects. Present tense is “lay” (e.g., I lay the pencil on the table), past tense is “laid” (e.g., Yesterday I laid the pencil on the table).

Lie = Transitive verb. Needs no object. Present tense is “lie” (The Andes mountains lie between Chile & Argentina), past tense is “lay” (The man lay waiting for an ambulance).

Less vs. Fewer

Less = Hypothetical quantities.

Few & Fewer = Measurable, quantifiable.

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