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3-18-2022 UPDATE:

Though I pulled the Heritage Duet from Amazon some time ago, it is coming back reworked as a 2nd edition, Reigning Folklore. The series will begin with Adeline’s story, Her Legacy being the first. It is the same story and plot line, but I’ve reworked it extensively enough that it needed a whole new look.

If you had purchased the first set, there is no ‘need’ to pick up the revised version.

Additionally, for those of you who are not aware, Reigning Folklore is loosely based off of The Pack Imperative, but it will NOT finish as TPI would have. The story veers early on and they are not the same entity. TPI will, very likely, forever remain undone. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up in me finishing it. I’ve contemplated making a YA original closer to TPI, but I have no solid plans for that at this point in time.

If you wish to check out Reigning Folklore, the links are below.

Angelic Resurrection:

Book 1 - Calliope’s Wings

Book 2 - Sorcha’s Song

Book 3 - Bellamy’s Triumph


More Than Treasure - Paranormal romance

Not Me, Omega - Sweet Omegaverse / RH

A Rose in the Machine - Sci-fi Beauty and the Beast retelling

Kissing Kringle - Christmas romance

Reigning Folklore:

Book 1 - Her Legacy

Book 2 - Her Solace


Here's the link to images of all the Transformers from both the movies as well as my stories.

Transformers Fanfic Images


Longarm: Only imagine the blue interchanged with a deep orange and add a tow to the bed of the truck. (Ford Super Duty)

Beachbreak: Interchange the red with a deep sea-blue and the white with silver. (Sea-Doo Wave Pro 215)

Knockout: This is how I wish to see Knockout, except with black and silver ghost flames cascading over the gas tank. (Kawasaki ZX-6R)

Salvage: This is exactly how I want Salvage to look. (Chevy Silverado)

Bluestreak: Blue-grey Mitsubishi Lancer

Blurr: Bugatti Veyron

Smokescreen: Late-model green Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Cliffjumper: Aston Martin Vulcan

Warpath: Flat-black Black Knight assault vehicle

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