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You can call me Mel or Melinda. I'm 25, from the Chicago area now although I grew up in northwest Indiana. I technically started writing fanfic when I wrote Golden Girls stories on paper, but my online involvement started during college, about seven years ago.I'm active in may fandoms but seem to cycle as to which fandom I write for the most at the moment. Sometimes I will read fic for parings I don't necessarily ship myself, and I only read slash and NC17 vary rarely, preferring het/Gen and up to R.

Shows and Ships

Merlin: I'm beginning to ship Arthur/Gwen, but if I write fic, it'll likely be Uther-fic. I'm kinda fixated on him LOL

Bones-Booth/Brennan,will read Hodgins/Angela but haven't written for them yet


CSI NY-Mac/Stella,Danny/Lindsay, occasional Danny/Aiden, Flack/Aiden or Flack/Lindsay

BTVS/Angel- Buffy-Buffy/Angel,Giles/Jenny,occasional Xander/Anya, and Giles/Buffy,Angel-Fred/Wes,Fred/Gunn

Highlander-Duncan/Tessa, Methos/Alexa

Due South-I never turned into a set shipper here but like Fraser/Frannie or Fraser/Thatcher

Forever Knight: Nick/Natalie

Roswell: Max/Liz and Jesse/Isobel and I'll read Michael/Maria but haven't the urge to write any.


Temperance Brennan novels-Ryan/Tempe

Animorphs: Rachel/Tobias, Jake/Cassie

Warriors-No real ships here

Dinotopia-No real ships here

The Stand-Fic for this isn't real big but I like writing Stu and Frannie fic


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


Lion King

Jurassic Park

There are other books I've come to like, like Secret of NIMH and Watership Down but I don't write fic for them.

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