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I am the writer formally known as Crimson Starlight, formally known as Gecko of the Year! So no, you're not seeing things when you see different names on my fics. :P

For translations of my Transformers fics, go here!

For the pictures mentioned in the author's notes for Games of the Gods, go here!

ATTENTION: 'The Games of the Gods: Book Two' is on an INDEFFINITE HIATUS. This means I will not be updating soon, nor do I know when I WILL be updating. PLEASE, do not send me PMs or leave multiple reviews solely asking for me to update soon. I understand that it's a good fic and that you all like it and hope I will continue it, but I do not have the will, inspiration, nor time to finish it right now!

ONE LAST NOTE: I've pretty much moved away from this site for my recent fanfictions. I'm now on AO3, with the same pen name, since the site has a far superior tagging and rating structure. All my fanfictions from 2007 forward have been posted there.

That said, all my older fanfictions, those set in Lord of the Rings and back, will remain archived solely on this website, so they can still be accessed and read by anyone who wishes to do so. Reviews on them are of course still welcome, even after all these years, so long as the reviewer takes into account the fact that it's been over 10 years since I wrote those fanfictions, and I don't need a review on EVERY chapter - especially in the case of Games of the Gods. Thank you, your appreciation is accepted with humility, but I will block any users that show the intent of spamming my inbox with over 80 review notifications.

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