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So, it's been a while since I updated my profile and middle school me is totally embarrassing. So, I am currently teaching English in Japan (assisting, but still ;) ). I still love all things anime, but now American comics and the like have taken a hold of my brain. My comics have now taken over my manga buying, but they all hold a special place in my heart. Although now that I'm in Japan, I've been watching a lot of American cartoons and tv shows. :P

I am a beta reader if you need the help. Message me and I will gladly help read and review and just generally brainstorm with you on ANYTHING!!! :D My dream job is to become a real life editor so this is the perfect place to practice. ;) I have a tumblr under the same name; it is nothing but fandom things and stuffs that make me laugh. Follow me if you wanna, no pressure. My AO3 account is nothing but superhero lemony goodness so if you wanna look at that, do so at your own risk. :) (domino_mask is my user handle there.) Fanfiction is where I will post all of my stories so at least there's that.

Status: Current

The Naruto Fanfic is most likely never going to be updated. Sorry, but i have lost that muse.

Deja Vu can stand alone but if I get the urge, I shall write the second half. (also sorry for accidentally posting a 'second chapter' -_-; i mis-clicked)

Birds of Prey was a 1 o'clock impulse write. I will most likely do more when I binge watch the Brave and the Bold again. ;)

SuperWhoLock Omens was also an impulse write and probs won't be updated, for I have forgotten/lost my notes on it.

DUEL Heroes is my new baby. I love it and have way too many notes for the plot to ever let it die. Updates will be slooooooooooow, but that's because I'm a perfectionist and I ramble. I've got two betas for it, but I think I'm even driving them slowly mad with my writing schedule ;) (I have cross posted to AO3, but FF will get updates first.) I am attempting to update every 3mnths as of 2018. Next update should be early September.

Status: Eventually Maybe

I still have my notes for a SlugTerra/Storm Hawks crossover, but I left those notes in the states, so I probably won't be starting it anytime soon. It's still floating around in my head, but it'll end up being another monster like DUEL Heroes, so don't hold your breath. I also have notes for a YGO Steampunk!AU, but that is also waiting for the muse to return (or for when I'm truly stuck with DUEL Heroes and need a break).

I would be happy to write anything for anyone if you give me a prompt. No promises on quality because I apparently have a life outside of fandoms.

But overall I would say I am 'unreliable when writing my own stuff' but would like to think 'super helpful with helping others with theirs' thus the beta reading. ;) Hit me up anytime on any media to chat, say hey, or swap cookie recipes. :P

For some reason i'm not getting notice emails from fanfic...so...sorry about that?

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