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Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to thank all of the readers and especailly the reviewers that leave such amazing comments that urge me to get up and write. Because of you all, I've completed one of my stories in one year! Writing a Twilight Fanfic is getting a little hard for me since I've started writing my own stories with my own characters, hence the slow update. I know I've got soooo many stories on hold, it's really stupid, but I want to focus only on one or two right now, get them finished and them move on. It's totally my fault becuase when I started on fanfiction, I got excited and put up all the stories I had. But I will finish! (She says hopefully). I'm a bright person and ver helpful, I've helped a lot of strangers here on fanfiction so don't be shy and ask me anything.

I really hope you guys like my stories, I do work hard on them when ever I do. Also I've gotten in the mood for making trailers for my stories, but i don't know how to AT ALL, so if anyone can help, it would be really appreciated.

I have complete story that I'm so happy about: Silent Tears (Thank you all that voted, Silent Tears has won 4 awards and got nominated like 15 times :D)

I'm working on My Country My Home right now.

I'm did delete my story, A Different Twilight (sorry)

I will start working on Love Bite and The Prince

- Ok so that was a lame update, but I'm just extremely bored right now and felt that my profile was really dull.

I'm a judge at one of the awards site. It's new and just got published and amazing so check it out:

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Alright!! I made an Award site of my own, it is called Twilight Awards for me!!

here's the link Twilight Awards for me!!

All the information is on there so go check it out!!

I have deleted everything that was on my profile so now it will be on a website i made:

Everything that was on my profile before it's HERE!

BOOK COVERS!! I have book covers for some of my stories...for now...i'm trying to make book covers for all of them...check them out HERE!

You could leave a comment if you'd like or have any questions.

Bring Me To Life Awards

My Country My Home - 007 award

Shimmer Awards

Silent Tears won the best Cliffhanger Award!

The Prince won the best Dazzled Award!

Check out the banners!

http:///CliffhangerAward.gif - Silent Tears

http:///DazzledMomentAward.gif - The Prince

Shimmer Awards: Snowflake Quarter

Love Bite won the best Tear Jerker Award!

Banner: http:///TearJerkerAward2009.gif

Twilighter's Choice Awards!

Silent Tears won the Beauty and the Beast Award

Banner: http:///apps/photos/photo?photoid=50989399

Twilight All Human FanFiction Awards!

Silent Tears won the Most in Character Award-2nd Place

Twilight Corner Award!

Silent Tears is the runner up for the Best Kiss!!

I would like to thank all my's really because of you guys who encourage me to write. I will be updating goal is to finish The Prince it's going to be really sweet...

let me tell you all about my stories...And some of them have pics of their own

Nights Knight:

These cute quotes that are on my profile, i decided to make short stories on them...there are eleven of them and i am currently on my fourth one.


Bella's blue dress in chapter 5: http:///ll501.html#

Silent Tears:

Bella is a princess and is kidnapped by the mafias...except its kind of in the fututre, NOT LIKE 2900 NO!, like a little ahead of 2009 where the mafias are even worse. they don't take pity, they are more like assassins and act like the KKK...and their target is Princess Isabella. One of the member is none other than Edward Cullen who joined the mafia at the age of 9. He only believes in his work and nothing else...he doesn't have a heart...he doesn't feel...he's only a living, killing machine...but will Bella be able to change that?


Picture of the apartment, Just smaller and really old and dirty: http:///pics/One20Bedroom20apartment.jpg

Chapter 13: Bella and Edward's Suite at the Hotel: http:///massry/apartment1.jpg

Chapter 20: Pool: http:///media/photo-s/01/16/03/23/beautiful-pool-area.jpg

Chapter 20: Bella's dress (with swirls): http:///picsitem/printed-blue-strapless-wrap-dress-rd27.jpg

Chapter 20: Warehouse:http:///facilityblog/wp-content/uploads/warehouse.jpg

AN: Thank you everyone for the great support. I was lazy and it took my forever to update but I'm really happy that I finished it, it's my first completed story and it was also my birthday story. Thanks again for the warm reviews, I'm sorry if I didn't reply to some of you, I'm just so busy all the time but know that I've read every single review and it's always motivated me. Another thing that motivated me was the many nominations Silent Tears recived and the awards it's won. They were all very heart warming and it showed me that there are people out here that love my story. Silent Tears has got over a million hits, it's been added to many communities, and favorited and put on alerts over 500 times, Thank you!!! Thank you all!!!

Things Talk:


My Country, My Home:

For anyone who like bad, gangster, player Edward...THIS STORY IS FOR YOU...It gets more interesting. Bella is an American girl whose father forced her and her family to move to Aravia, their home country. Aravia isn't in good conditions, it's awful. Bella goes to Aravia and meets Edward, a boy with a bad past. Edward is a player, killer, has been to jail, isn't the best person to be around with...anyways, Edward bothers Bella and her family and forces her to do what he wants her too. but as the story progress Edward's feeling change towards Bella. But she hates him, of course and so does her family. Will Edward change himself for her? will she accept him? the story is focused on a girls life who is stuck in a death will she get out? or will she?


Phil: (Phil is something like him, but more younger looking and without white hair, and very SCARY!): http:///gallery/game_art/starcraft_2/smoking_guy.jpg

Chapter 10-

Bella's T-shirt: http:///is/image/Sears/027B420665150001?hei=600&wid=600&op_sharpen=1&qlt=90,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=0.9,0.5,0,0

Edward's loft: http:///Union-Square-Loft.html

Chapter 11-

Bella's outfit: http:///Images/Product/51-88/51-88065-F.jpg

Chapter 13-


Edward's dress shirt:http:///cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=7268623

Bella's boots:http:///images/725/7254923/985-286271-d.jpg

Bella's dress and trench coat:http:///cgi/profile?id=1197646

Chapter 14-

Alice's bedroom:http:///portfolio/files/page2-1011-full.jpg

Alice's bathroom: http:///blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/bathroom.jpg

Bella's outfit: http:///img/outfit-of-the-day-kate-beckinsale-chic-city-grunge.jpg

Moonless Night:

Edward is the prince of the WHOLE WORLD because of Carlisle's many victorious battles. Bella is an ordinary girl who moves to Forks with her mom becuase her father is sick. Edward and Bella meet at an airport and feel somthing...this is a very sweet story I'm working on it but there are so many stories that need to be updated...I'm stuck. but if you the kind of reader that goes AWWWWWWW or likes sweet things...don't worry it's basically it shows Edward the prince falling in love with ordinary Bella Swan and how they spend their time together.

The Prince:

I gotta say many people like that story, i really didn't know. Bella is an ordinary girl who loves Basketball...she's not athletic but she loves playing basketball. Edward is a prince who goes to her school. But there's one teeny problem...they hate each other. Even after going out on a date which didn't turn out so to find out why...Edward relaly likes Bella and is destined to find a way to bring them togehther...but is it possible with Bella all against it? It's really funny the way they act around each other...

AN: Yes, I've been lazy and so slow but The Prince wouldn't be on hold for long, I will be returning to it very soon :) also, thanks everyone for nominating The Prince for so many awards, but it did win one :D Thanks again everyone!

A Different Twilight:

This story has to be my best work. It's like Twilight but kind of switched in places. And for those who read it...Edward and Bella are getting together soon. In this story i just added more events like feild trips and dances. and WHAT IF' what if Bella went to the spring dance and WHAT IF Edward was there too? and all'll like it if you like change. OVER A MILLION HITS! THANKS EVERYONE! But I think i might be deleting it, it's a little confusing, i will re-do it, i guess.


chapter 12- shirt: http:///shc/s/p_10151_10104_027B140102220001P?vName=Clothing&cName=Juniors&sName=Tops

Midnight Dreams: COMPLETE ONE SHOT

Bella is a peasent, a villager who believes in true love and goes to the dance for the Prince. it's a masquerade ball and Bella finds someone. she dances with him, get's to know him, and she falls in love with him...but what about the Prince? will Bella decide to stay with her true love or decide to go for the Prince for her family's benefit?


Ballroom: http:///stock-photos/architecture/images/blackpool-tower-ballroom-dancing-b.jpg

Edward’s mask: http:///s/thumb4/1/85/5/216418505luGlQq_th.jpg

Edward’s outfit: imagine silver: http:///Prince_Charming.jpg_rgb.gif

Engagement Ring: http:///_images/splash/three-stones-engagement-ring.jpg


Takes place in Twilight, the second time when Edward take her to lunch in the cafeteria, after the Port Angeles accident. Alice can't hold it anymore and decides to interupt Bella and Edward. Alice comes with Emmett. ALICE + EMMET = Definite trouble. what will they cause and how will Edward react? Read to find out. it's really funny trust me.

Aliright that's it. be cure to read the author notes they all give a little info on the stories. check ou tmy pool plz-i would like to know what kind of stories you guys like. I you have ANY questions, feel free to review or PM me...any recomendations to read something...sure. i will do BETA and i would like a BETA as well. if there's any idea you guys want me to write about...i'll try my best. LATER! and again, i'd like to thank you all for all the support and wonderful reviews :)

Love Bite:

Edward and Bella were geeks in highschool. Edward becomes popular and becomes a little distance with Bella. Then he pulls an awful joke on her that leaves them both sad. Bella hates Edward but he loves her madly. Now, eight years later, Edward runs a huge and most famous business. He has everything and more but he never smiles, laughs, he only works and works and cries once he gets home. Why? Becuase he misses his Bella. When he finally finds her after eyars of she ready to take him back? And what is teh secret she's been hiding all this time? Great but sad love story...


Mary: http:///writers/KittyKat/Cute_little_girl.jpg

Edward's office: http:///wp-content/uploads/2008/01/regatta_hotel_jakarta.jpg

Inside Edward's office: http:///FILM/AngelOffice.html

Outside Edward's office:-





Chapter 5: Mary's dollhouse: http:///images/6414.jpg

Chapter 6: Bella's dress: http:///images/2006_7_trends_fall/partydresses/WomensGraemeBlackBrownDressAW06x.jpg

AN: Thanks everyone for the positive and awesome reviews. I will be updating soon I'm just trying to focus on one story. Thanks for nominating Love Bite for many awards, it did win one which was very motivating. Thanks again!!!

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