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7/13/12 I seem to be getting a ton of follows/favorites and reviews for some reason. I answer all reviews, but I no longer post fic on this website. You can find me at LiveJournal – it’s where I post my D/C fic, if anyone is interested… since FF seems to have deactivated links, just search for me using my pen-name. I also co-mod and write in the D/C Virtual Season 7, Supernatural: Redemption Road, which also is over on LJ.

7/14/10 When I was partway through writing The Killing Moon, another writer on this site accused me of stealing the idea for the story and for its prequel, The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep, from her. She has trolled me constantly since then and if you would like to read my side of her insanity, you can do so at my LJ.

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