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A few random thoughts and musings:

1. I can't believe how addicting Twi and HP fics are; they are my Calgon, they take me away, far far away to my happy place. They are my most guilty pleasure. Why so guilty you ask? .. because I can admit I spend a lot more time reading than I really should. See the clean laundry pile that keeps growing.. lol

2. My FF 'favorites list' is a bucket list of just stuff I want to remember.. for some reason or another. It's funny to go and look at the stuff I once "favorited" vs what I'm "favoriting" now.

3. I like to read angst; I like to read supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi; I like to read historical; I love to be reminded of why I fell in love with canon. For HP, Dramoine.

4. Finally, may the gods of grammar bless your writing and editing, dear authors and beta readers.

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