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Camry72 News:

Age: 21 as of February 19, 2014. Still feel like a kid.

Update! Twenty three (23) as of February 19, 2016. I think that maybe possibly I got a handle on this adult thing.

I'm 25 now...meh adulting is hard.

Aliases: Camry72 and Cat

Color: Green

Favorite Shows: Hetalia: Axis Powers, Legend of Korra, NCIS, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Favorite Movies: Frozen, Marvel Avengers, and the Hunger Games

Gender: Female

Race: Hispanic/Latino

Political: Kind of Middle of the ground

Religion: Christian but I'm pretty open.

Economical Status: I have a job that counts for something.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, and German

Hobbies: Computer Science

Too many people say I have a bunch of things that contradict themselves Christian, female, Hispanic, a bit conservative and my age. But that's what makes me; me. We can't all be one side or the other. We are all a mix of different things. But if there's something we all have in common is that Donald Trump is crazy and that his hair as real as it may be, looks like a bad toupee.

About me: Let see I was born in the Dominican Republic I lived in Rhode Island moved to the south when I was 12 and planning on moving back North. I have dealt with anxiety and depression and still do sometimes. I have read been on Fanfiction.net since that I was 12 I still remember my first fanfic. It was about Robin and Raven and it was Rated M. Being that it was 2005 and we hadn't had a computer for long and I was a sheltered kid. I really didn't know. But you could imagine the shock I had when I saw the story was about Raven and Robin having some shower time "fun." After that, I found other stories in the K-T. In 2008, I made an account and after 11 years of Fanfiction.net I posting my first real story. The NCIS one really doesn't count for me anyways. I've written many fanfictions but have always been afraid to post them. But better late than never!

Let see. After dealing with anxiety and panic attacks I went to back to school to finish my freshman year in college. I had started in 2011 it became too stressful and I ended up leaving in the Spring of 2013. I returned this year (2016) and my grades are doing so much better than ever before. I did get help in 2014 for my anxiety. By the way do not be afraid to ask for help. Talk to someone! Another thing, something I always hated hearing is "everyone is depressed or anxious" you and you only know how you feel. You know how good or bad it is. But know you are not alone and many of those people are there for you and just worried. Sometimes people don't want to hear that their family member or friend has a mental health issue. It was something my family members had a hard time understanding but they eventually understood. If they care about you they will understand. And perhaps maybe we can make a difference with mental health.

Anyways, I love you all. Talk to someone. Heck PM me. Don't be afraid. Love yourself. And remember if you are going through a hard time it will pass. I may come up again but will pass.

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