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Hi! My name is Catu, but you can call me Kathy, Kate, Cat, Catherine or Catalina but NEVER CALL ME CATA!! Because I hate it :) I'm pretty sure writing is not for me so all I do in Fan is read which I love and spend most of my time in.

Some stuff that I wish I knew when I first started FanFiction (From potato4)

1. Canon- From the book.

2. Non-canon- When it is not from the book.

3. Slash- Guy with guy stories.

4. Femeslash- Girl with girl stories.

5. Smut- M stuff.

6. Lemon- Really M stuff.

7. Flames- Mean reviews. When you trash a fic.

8. OC- Original Character. When you make up your own character.

9. OOC- Out Of Character- When a canon character is not accurate. (Example: When Draco runs around singing "Nobody's Perfect" and hands out unicorn stickers to first graders.)

10. AU- Alternate Universe- When the story is set in a different universe then that the author has created.

11. Fluff- Sweet romantic moments. No action/adventure or anything.

12. OTP- (I heard this from youreconfusingme) Apparently, this means One True Pairing. I assume this means that it's the one pairing you enjoy and stand by. (This is not to be confused with OoTP, which means Order of the Phoenix. ;)

13. Ship- A pairing/couple. Comes from relationship.

14. One-shot; Two-shot; Three-shot- One chapter, two chapters, three chapters.

15. Songfic- A fic including, or based upon, a song.

16. Mary Sues- A character (usually OC) that is favored by the author and pretty much perfect in every way.

17. A/N- Author's Note. Self- explanatory.

18. AH- All Human. All characters are human. This is not commonly seen.

19. POV- Point of View.

20. R&R- Read and review!

21. Lime- Like Lemon, but lighter.

22. Drabble- A fic that is from 50-500 words in length.

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