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Name: On a need to know bases, and you don't need to know

Age: Old enough to know better

Hight: Wish I was taller

Weight: On a diet Blah

Fav Color: Green, and not it is not because I like Envy

Fav animal: Wild= Wolf Domestic= Rats

Dream Job: Animal Trainer or something of that nature

Things that piss me of: Ceaser Mulan the Dog Whisper( he uses a wrong form of training that is harmful to dogs, plus he has killed to clients' dogs), puppies, people who breed puppies, people who buy puppies who should got to a shelter and save unwanted dogs, people who hunt for fur, people who are abusive to animals( go ahead an beat your kids, they are going to be a burden to society anyway), people who are so hell bent that religion is always right and base everyday life on it, politics, my father who abandoned my mom and I, my mom at times, little kids, my step father at times, David Haselhoff, Rachael Ray, that one porn star that Oprah interviewed, southern men( not all but most of them), football( Dallas Cowboy especially), Snow White, the blue jay that caws outside my window at 6am every morning, Spice Girls, the smell of cinnamon, listen to christmas music in july, the color red, bull fighting, roadios, horse races, periods, Rosie O'donnald, and ignorance.

Things that I like: everything else that is not on the list above Pets: Two trained rescue rats Cobalt and Bangles and a fish named Ylang Ylang( it's a scent)

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