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My Fanfic Grievances:
A constantly updating list of things I loathe in fanfiction


1)Reviews should make suggestions to stories, questions things that you don't understand, point out plot holes, or give comments on how the story could be improved. One should not simply give a "this is good" or "LOL luv this" and nothing else! It only serves to spam the reviews pages and make it harder to find things that are you want.

2)Don't praise sucky stories. They suck, Everyone knows they suck, yet people will give these fics that rival vorgan poetry in awfulness good reviews and trick people into thinking it is good and reading it. This goes hand in hand with #1. The readers skim through and rather than post a review that is helpful will copy the other idiots and put a "I Luv this storey" because they don't want to seem like a dilweed for telling the author what sucked, and help them improve. For more

3)Spacing. Spacing can mean the difference between a legendary story that all will remember or a steaming pile that sends our mouses strait to the back button. There is hardly any thing more annoying than a 5k paragraph that is the whole story. While most author aren't professional writers it shouldn't be too hard to divide your stories into readable paragraphs rather than a giant chuck that's harder to navigate than a Hibiki drawn map.

4)Learn to spell and some proper grammar! It kills me a little inside to see that most Americans can hardly understand their own language past a third grade level and are too stupid to remember a little thing call "SPELL CHECK" or "BETA-READERS". While somethings may slip past the screening process, as such happens, but there is no excuse for a fic to look like a dyslexic first grader with a nervous twitch wrote it!

5) Deja vu. Even with major changes the cannon story and the addition of Mary Sue-like abilities the Main character can't change anything and the fic is basicly a retelling of the original story. These nimrods basicly retell the story word for word. I ask you, what the hell is the point? I could just watch the anime or read the book. Other who people hate this too

In Anime:

1)Signature attack names should stay in their original language! This Rule stays mostly in anime, specificly Naruto, fanfiction. While some attacks are confusing, long, and hard to understand some sound just plain stupid in English and It realy pisses me off when someone calls a Rasengan a Spiraling sphere, a Chidori a Thousand bird, or Hiraishin a flying thunder god,These are the most recognizable jutsu ever and sound just plain stupid in English, and if you don't know what these jutsu are than you aren't really a fan of the series.

2)We get it you speak Japanese! While all American or English speaking Otaku should know at least a few important Japanese words; Onee-san, nii-san,the suffixes, and a few other words and sayings, but some authors find they should lord the fact they know more Japanese than us by filling every other line with random Japanese words, that most probably never heard before, and no footnote to tell us. It's annoying and pisses me off, in the end these morons are just diving more people away from their story because its too hard to read.

3)Holy hell that man's pregnant! I discovered this atrocity while on a Naruto binge and immediately cleaned with my eyes with bleach and fire. Seriously WTF! Is there no depth that Yaoi-fangirls won't sink to pair two male leads together. It is futher proof of my theory that Yaoi rots your mind since these stupid fangirls can't remember simple biology.

4)Man I feel like a woman! This pertains to Ranma fics, specifically "Ranko" fics, I hate it when Ranma is force to feminize himself. While I enjoy Ranko fics I hate fics where others force him to "act like a real girl", you know the kind. Saying "OK, Ranma. It's time you learned how to act like a girl!" where what is really meant by that is something to the effect of, "OK, Ranma. It's time you changed everything about who you are and have you embraced the stereotypical feminine gender role."

5)He said she said. This is another Ranma-centric problem but can spread to any gender bending story. This is about the fact that morons seem to refer to Ranma only as a male, even when he is female. This is confusing as hell and I won't put up with it. So unless his female-form grows something that no girl should ever have, then it will be referred to as "she"

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