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February 2017: My stories are not abandoned! I will be doing my best to work on them this year! :)

Formally: LunaBell08, LunaBell O'Eight

Please visit my Facebook Page for updates, news, extras, and pictures. I would make a deviant art but I don't feel like I'm allowed to put my story covers on there and FB is just easier to use anyways. If there is a problem, such as your parents not allowing you on Facebook or something, and you wish to see pictures or get updates, just PM me! It is NO problem, I promise! We can figure something out so that you can have a fair chance as a reader too! :)

Drawings I currently have on my FB:

Jett Black concept art from The Meaning of Fear
Angel from AWAKE
Angel Reboot Concept art (Much better in my opinion)

Some Fun Facts About Me

- Age Over 18
- Birthday is March 16, making me a Pisces
- Biracial: 1/2 Samoan, 1/2 Caucasian
- I don't have a favorite color.
- Terrified of zombies
- LGBT Rights Supporter
- My headcanon couple in Harry Potter is Albus S. Potter and Scorpious Malfoy.
- My favorite character is Luna.
- As proven on Pottermore, I am a proud Slytherin!
- Favorite Anime at the Moment: Assassination Classroom
- My favorite character is Nagisa *heart eyes over his bloodlust*
- My anime-husbands/lovers Zero from Vampire Knight and Gaara from Naruto
- Opportunist Seme/Clueless Uke

While I love people messaging me to remind me that it's been a while since I last updated or to just talk in general, I suck at replying because my memory is extremely hazy (borderline concerning). If I don't respond to your review/PM, please know that I've seen it but either A) read it on mobile and its difficult me to type on my tiny, outdated iPhone or B) I read it on my Surface without my keyboard on hand; it is also difficult for me to write replies on my touch screen because it likes to act up at random times. If you sent me something expecting a reply and I haven't, I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with you bugging me until I do (give it at least two days before doing so though).

FOR NEW READERS! I do not have Microsoft word! And the program I use does not have spell/grammar check! Now, I try my best to catch any mistakes I might have made, but my spelling here and there isn't all that great. But do not worry! I do NOT tipe liek dis! My horrors in spelling usually involves words like presence vs. presance, letter forgetting such as the vs. they, and so on. IF YOU SEE ANY ERRORS, please tell me in a review and I will fix it!

All Story Disclaimer:

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author of this story. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended. All opinions and views of the characters may not be associated with the fanfiction and original authors and/or owners. It is for pure entertainment only and is not intended to be offensive or harmful in any way. If something does indeed bother you, you are asked to either grow a pair, suck it up, and enjoy the story, or please find something else to read.

The Fandom Paradox

In a world much like ours, there are an unlucky handful of people who have the strangest of strangest days -- they're sent into another universe that they previously believed to be a work of fiction! To find out why they're there, and how this came to be is only the start of their adventures. Our universe is breaking, the cracks in time resulting in the mixing between worlds. This is The Fandom Paradox.

AWAKE - Bleach

Genre(s): Family/Friendship/Humor

Status: Rewritten/Updated

Estimated Number of Chapters: 60

Sequel: Unknown

Couples: Yes.

Story: As if dying wasn't trouble enough, a 14-year-old girl gets tossed into a manga called Bleach and befriends the young protagonist Ichigo shortly after the loss of his mother. Together, the two learn more about life, death, and what happens when you tempt fate.

An Author's Note: Chapters are being rewritten and replaced; those that have will have UPDATED (Day)/(Month)/(Year) in bold at the top of each chapter.


Guardian of Fire - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Genre(s): Romance/Humor/Adventure

Status: Incomplete

Separated into 3 parts: Part 1: Of Fire and Ice

Estimated Number of Chapters: 12/20?

Sequel: Yes

Couples: Zuko/Oc

Story: When Syrena "Nina" attends the birthday party of her 3-year-old cousin Titan, a blow of the candles and crack of lightening drop them both right into Full Moon Bay in the cartoon known as Avatar: The Last Airbender. Following them on their journey to Ba Sing Se and living in a world full of people who can control the elements is just as difficult as the anxiety-ridden homebody could imagine. Nina just wants to get home, but the spirits are searching for the Guardian of Fire, the only one who can stop Azula from killing Aang at the Crystal Caves. They assumed it was the boy who could firebend, but things turn out to be more complicated than even they planned. Now, Nina must learn how to survive in a world without her family, technology -- and not to mention, she has more than her own life to worry about.

An Author's Note: Keeping to my pattern of very different plots with familiar concepts, this story is something I am very excited to be working on. I don't expect much from it.


Rina Tomonaga - Vampire Knight

Genre(s): Romance/Humor, Drama/School Life

Status: Discontinued

Number of chapters/So far: 47 (-2 Author notes; Chapter 47 is the notice of discontinuation and how story was going to end)

Sequel: Canceled

Couples: ZeroxOc, One-Sided YagarixOc,YuukixKaname (unfortunately); Hints of: YorixAido, RukaxKain, IchiruxOc, IchiruxShizuka/Maria

NOT A part of The Fandom Paradox series

Riddle Rina This - Harry Potter

Genre(s): Humor

Status: In-Progress

Estimated Number of Chapters: 15

Sequel: None

Couples: In debate

Story: A Rina AU. When a girl with impossible knowledge gets a hold of Tom Riddle's diary, things become stranger than strange.

An Author's Note: A fun little story I took down some time ago and after some rewriting because I was bored I posted it again. It started out as a oneshot before turning into a full-of-smiles fanfiction. Not meant to be taken seriously!! :)


The Meaning of Fear - Rise of the Guardians

Genre(s): Family/Friendship/Humor

Status: Complete

Number of Chapters: 24/24

Sequel: The Dreams of Insomniacs

Couples: None

Story: The Nightmare King has lived a long, long time. But with each new era comes a generation of weird, new people. As time moved on, Pitch learned and accepted that some believe in the boogeyman, and some just don't. However, he is soon going to find out that others are just really, really strange.
Pitch Black meets four year old April and encounters a question he had never been asked before: What does fear mean? He accepts the easy challenge, sure that it'll be a breeze. Little does he know that this simple task will be a lot more difficult than he thought.

An Author's Note: A fun sort of set of chronological drabbles about our favorite Nightmare King and his adventures in meeting new people. This is a planned out trilogy I plan on having finished before any of my other stories because of their length and time.

The Dreams of Insomniacs - Rise of the Guardians

Genre(s): Romance/Humor/Drama

Status: Hiatus

Estimated Number of Chapters: 15

Sequel: (Pending)

Couples: Pitch Black/OC

Story: As Pitch adjusts to life as a human professor by the day and the Nightmare King by the night, he must deal with bratty college students, crazy neighbors, and April's rebelliousness as a 5-year-old. Let's add in Amelia Gale: The most fearful woman he's ever met -- in both lives! Soon, Pitch begins to learn that maybe a little too much fear (and much lack of sanity) isn't such a good idea after all.

An Author's Note: Sequel to The Meaning of Fear based around a new OC becoming Pitch's love interest. This is a slightly more mature read, but just enough to keep a T-rating.

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