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Naruto/Ar tonelico crossover


All three games allowed

No Yoai

no Naruto/Sakura

Harems, if present MUST be kept to a reasonable number (limit 4) preferably no more than 2 mates for a male character, but not a rule.

A Reyvatail must be romantically involved with Naruto (cannon girl, OC, or dimensional counterpart) unless you make Naruto a Reyvateil.

Naruto must not be a fool (method to increase apparent IQ your choice.)

Other crossovers allowed in addition to the main crossover, BUT no more than one or two more.

Altering the world rules slightly so they will work is allowed.

PM Me with the link if you accept the challenge!!! I'll add you to my C2.

Dead or on-hold fics:

The Dragons path: Due to almost no interest by readers (lowest hits per chapter 76 after 5 months)

Story concepts I have so far

1. Dot Hack/GU Ranma xover

i would love to hear your input about these ideas.

if you want to give suggestions or critique pm me or give reveiws. Don't bother with flames I'll just ignore them.

I'm also looking for somebody to bounce a few other story ideas off off if you want to hear them I'll tell you.

I dislike the choices Ranma has with the NWC so I will NOT be hooking him up with them, so expect him to find ether a crossover girl or a OC.

Here is my analysis of his NWC choices using a 0-100 scale, and what I think are the most impotent parts of a relationship and marriage.

The important parts.

Mutual Trust

Mutual Respect

and for marriage a willingness to compromise.

Here is my analysis, based on my interpretation of the characters as seen in both manga and anime. if some of this seems like fannon then fine, its how i see them in my eyes.


Akane neither trusts nor respects Ranma. this is demonstrated by the fact that she blames RANMA for others actions. if Ryoga attacks Ranma screaming for him to die, it's Ranma's fault (several examples exist in cannon). If a girl walks up and hugs him, it's Ranma's fault (possible exaggeration, but take a look at when shampoo does it around her). I also don't believe she would even consider what HE would want if they got married.

Plus he would still have two or more people out for his head.

final score 5/100


Shampoo has made it IMPOSSIBLE for Ranma to trust or respect her. Think of all the drugs and tricks the amazons have used.

As an amazon she most likely has no respect for him as a male. She would not be willing to compromise on ANYTHING.

Mousse would still attack him even if Ranma was her husband by their laws.



Completely incompatible dreams. He wants to be a martial artiest, she wants to run a restaurant. She would not compromise this, and would probably make him help in the restaurant weather he wanted to or not. On the plus side she respects him more than the other two mentioned so far. Doesn't trust him particularly though. (someone pointed out that she might view him as an escape from her father, if true, then she is completely unsuitable. same person reminded me that she has, hit him a few times when he 'embarrassed' her... not good)



Cannon? No way in HELL. She has two things going for her though. First, she would probably let him do what ever he wants as long as he doesn't interfere with her. yes she, in cannon uses drugs to try and force him to submit, but she is also the only one that doesn't appear to be making plans for after the wedding.Second? She is the ONLY person after Ranma for himself and not through honor or laws.

With therapy and/or medication? A possible match. Same reasons as above plus she might be able to be trusted and respected then.

Cannon 0/100

With therapy? 75/100 or more.

Finally I'll try to avoid the god complex, but i will be using MY interpretations on the characters, and/or what sounds accurate from my observations and other fanfics, so be prepared for OOC.

Picture of Ranma's eye from new story coming out soon Viral Hearts


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