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Hello and Welcome to my page :)

As you can see below I'm not much for writing stories, but rather reading them. (and the list below doesn't even cover half the stories that I've read and really liked.)(I might try my hand at writing, I'm not sure)

-~-Some of my favorite shows and pairings(and ranting on my part of why I like said show/pairing)

-Dark Angel; great show, loved season 2(manly because of Jensen). Really sad to see it go. My fav. pairing is Max/Alec. interesting little tidbit; the guy who plays Logan Cale(sp?), also plays on NCIS as Tony, two very, very, very different people, so different that I didn't know it was Logan until I looked the actor up.

-Gilmore Girls; just got hooked on this in 2008. So I haven't seen all the episodes, but I'm getting there, still on season 2(I've already seen seasons; mid!3rd to 6th). It is very funny, I love it. My favorite character is Dean Forrester. Yes, I like dean forrester, (heres were the ranting begins), for SOME reason, dean isn't a favorable character for a lot people(And everyone is entitled to their own view point, heres mine). there are some great stories that have been recently done, that show dean in a new and likable personality(which are in the list of favorites), but a lot of them have dean being the bad guy or someother unfavorable person and I'm not really understanding why. And I don't know if I'm the only one, but I see more 'Trory'(tristen/rory) pairings then dean/rory, or dean/anyone. (ranting done...for now)My favorite pairing; older!Dean/Lorelai; dean has to be legal for that pairing to work for me. There's one site(can't remember right off hand which one) that lists over 150 reason as to why Dean/lorelai(or 'mommy's favorite' as some call it) works. Some are funny as heck, like; because dean would know to answer the pepperoni(epi. w/ the double date; max/lor, rory/dean); dean knows why lorelai eats at 'Al's Pancake place' even though the food is bad(epi. w/ the double date; luke/lore, rory/dean). Sadly there are not as many lor/dean stories out there, but the ones that are out there, are great.

-Supernatural(finally on to another show); started watching this show during season 3, and am still watching it now. It is GREAT. I love sam and dean. this season(4th)is just too funny for words. (!!Spoilers!!) 'yellow fever' was the funniest so far. with dean screaming and runny away from cute little kittens and puppies. and the blooper they added at the end with Jensen singing to 'eye of the tiger' was crazy funny. And the manic-depressed teddy bear from the wishing well epi. was so sad and funny, so were the guys expressions on seeing the bear :) (!!End Spoilers!!)

:favorite pairings; sam/dean :) I'm a HUGE slash fan. Dean/Castiel is in 2nd place. 3rd is Sam/ruby(would much have preferred the blond ruby/sam, but oh well), 4th; sam/cass

-Stargate: Atlantis; One of my top favorite shows is now gone, gone I say!! never to be seen again(loud wailing can be heard as I dramatically drop to the ground in utter despair). And yes I know about a thing called 'repeats', and have heard a rumor about a movie, but still, no more NEW episodes.(at least new episodes of Atlantis). I started watching this when it first came on, maybe got to the epi. w/ the genii and the storm, and stopped watching it. then through the years would catch a cool looking preview of a new epi. and say 'oh wow, I have got to see that'. but I never really stuck w/ it. but then...then I saw the season 5 preview, and I decided to watch the episode, it was great, (confusing sense I hadn't been watching it up to that point, but good). So I started watching new and old episodes and it has now become one of my fav. shows. I have heard about the Universe series. When I heard that SGA was cancelled and this new show was coming on, I was shocked and annoyed that a show I was just getting into was in its last season. And even though I would prefer to watch new SGA episodes, I will give this new show a chance.

:fav. slash pairings; mcshep(rodney/john), john/lorne, lorne/parrish, john/ronon, ronon/lorne
:fav. het pairings; ronon/amelia; (I'm going to rant again, (!!Spoilers!!)) I used to like ronon/keller, so much so, that the only stories I would read for some time were of those two together. But I have sence learned the error of my ways(ever sense keller broke ronon's heart and picked rodney). After that moment I couldn't stand to read any stories w/ ronon/keller. I used to be ask why didn't people like keller that much, now I'm one of them(and at some points, espiecally when I see past episodes of them together, I can be down right mean to keller). I didn't know who to pair ronon with now; some OC character(but those you have to watch out for, don't want to catch a Mary-Sue character(shudders horribly at the thought), john was single(especially now that rodney, his long time crush, was still in denial about his true feelings for john and w/ that keller person), or some other main character. But then the epi. 'the prodigal' happened. and in those few minutes of Amelia Banks using her brains to get them out of the room and kicking butt, I saw a great relationship start; Ronon/Amelia. my fav. het pairing, that was also canon. And then in "enemy at the gate", the part at the end where amelia meets w/ ronon, it was so great and so nice to see him finally find someone.(!!End Spoilers!!)

-Highlander; after watching a marathon I've renewed my interest in this show. my favorite character is still Richie, and I'm trying to find stories centered around him. I'm a firm supporter of Clan Denial(!!Spoilers!!), which is to say that the epi. 'archangel' where richie 'died' for good, didn't happen. either the epi. doesn't exist or the events have been altered to fit a more suitable outcome; manly the fact that Richie Ryan is still alive.(!!End Spoilers!!). I also like Methos.

fav. pairing; richie/methos

-Xmen; after watching all three movies on tv, I started reading more ff. of the movies and evo cartoon. Scott Summers is my favorite character right now. I love reading stories about his past. I also like reading about both him and his brother Alex. (!!Spoilers!!) I saw the origins movie, the whole movie was great, but I really like the ending. starting from when scott gets kidnapped. that whole scene with him and emma and blasting the guards, LOVED IT!! Deadpool was very cool as well. even though scott had such a short part in xmen 3, I still liked him in that, especially the part at the lake. (the rest of that movie, cool special effects aside, was less to be desired.; i.e.; scott supposilly "dieing"((like that would EVER happen to a somewhat main character))note the glaring sarcasm).(!!End Spoilers!!)

fav. pairing.; evo.; scott/rogue, scott/warren, alex/ray, alex/any other male new student, scott/male!oc(has to be well developed and not a gary stu)
movie.; scott/rogue(needs to be legal), scott/emma, scott/warren

GLEE!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ started watching glee recently, and haven't stopped. I love it, the music, the characters, everything :) The Warblers are the best(and totally should go to Nationals somehow) Kurt is my fav. ND character.

fav. characters: Warblers in general, but Nick, Jeff, Wes, David, Blaine, Sebastian, Kurt(once a warbler, always a warbler :) Thad, Trent, are my favorite. I like Mike, Tina, Brittany, and Santanna from ND's

fav. pairings: NIFF!!!!!! :) kurtbastian(sebkurt, seb/kurt)(their repartee is amazing) klaine is adorable(but right now i prefer kurtbastian) NIFF!!!!! :) jeff/kurt, nick/kurt, and NIFF!!!!!:) (I think I may have mentioned that :)

For those of you who are actually reading this or happen to be scrolling down the screen, here's a present;

( _ )

This is bunny copy him onto your profile to help him achieve world domination. Come join the dark side. (We have cookies)

-~-I also like anime; naruto, fullmetal alchemist, wolf's rain, trigun(and a whole lot more that I can't remember right off hand). but right now I'm reading mostly T.V show fanfiction

-~-~-~-~-So for those of you who have actually read this, thank you, and I hope you enjoy other people stories that I have favored just as much as I have, later dudes :)

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