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my Real Name ...Not telling XD. But I LOVE ANIME,

Manga that should be enough LOL


NOTE: I do not own this pic I am using for my avatar. It’s the Cheshire cat from Pandora Hearts I recommend to read the manga or watch the anime.

Hi as you know I'm Daku-DarkNess316 or Daku-chun. First off I got Daku from an AWESOME story I read on this site its called "Marked" and it is so COOL! (Read it)...oh and let me just say that FINALLY AFTER SO LONG I'M IN!!YES!!. T.T it took so long for me to get in. With the name and e-mail I thought I was never going to get in T.T (cries tears of Joy),and let's not forget my EVIL COMPUTER.

Well enough about that depressing stuff. I would like to say that i LOVE!! NOT LIKE LOVE!! ANIME AND MANGA IT'S AWESOME!!. If anyone knows any good anime/manga let me know so I can check it out.

At this point I have no stories sorry ... you see a have a little problem I have all these stories in my head that I know you would all love.But when it comes to writing it...T.T Yeah not so good, its my Curse. But just because I cant help my self doesen't mean I can help others, so I would be honored to help with ideas, or if your stuck with your story and have no idea where to go with it I will be all too happy to help.

Recently I’ve been into saint seiya and saint seiya the lost canvas. I know that saint saiya is old, like sailor moon old but it’s pretty good. The lost canvas is a bit newer and just Plain AWESOME, I love ALONE/HADES so cool what’s not to love about the ruler of the underworld? Just to warn you though, if you try to watch the lost canvas it’s only up to episode 25. But the manga is longer so no worries there.

The type of stories I’m into are sort of Dark….ok, ok they are dark and either have the main character insane, evil or dark. That mostly because I’m tired of the good guys/girls winning, or being used and abused over and over again. A good example for this is Naruto he’s beaten and basically tortured his childhood and he somehow come out a kind hearted caring person who wants to protect Konoha? From what he went though he should have snapped a lot sooner! Or be a realistic cynical jerk that might care for some but not all. Not a stupid hero that somehow always manages to win his battles and save the world. (don’t even get me started on his team mates or ‘Teacher’)

Another reason why I like the so called ‘evil’ or ‘dark’ side is because it’s different and most of the time if you look into the evil ones history the only reason their ‘evil’ is because of their childhood, or the ‘good’ path they were on lead them to evil in order to fix whatever it is their fighting for. I stopped liking the good side when they always won and nothing changed in the world that the good fought so hard for, it was still on the path of destroying themeselve slowly. How do we know if the so called Dark side won for once things wouldn’t be better off?

Idea for you. please someone take this idea and make it your's it's been bugging me for so long! (please PM me so I can read your story)

OK here's an idea it would be a harry potter black butler/kuroshitsuji crossover what if Harry was Drocell's master. I'm not saying they have to be lovers No. Somehow after the final battle Harry is transported to the black butler world, he could be sick chough's up blood, injured, mentally unstable because the Horcux made him that way or he was betrayed.

Whatever you want to go with, for whatever reason he doesn't go out much so he can't make friends, so he makes Drocell, and Drocell in some twisted desperate act to make his creator/Master happy so Harry smiles again Drocell makes dolls out of children. There can even be other Doll's like Drocell, Drocell was the first so he's not as well-crafted or has a lot of emotions.

Hope this helps someone.

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