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Name - As you see above. (Which means Hurricane of the Ghost in English.)

Age - An African American 23 year old bro that's on his third semester from getting this dual Associates.

Gender - Male

Location - Is it really that important for you?

Hobbies - Reading, Drawing, Music, Video Games, and Running.

Likes - A well thought-out story that is updated on a regular bases. I know we have lives, but we gotta try and make an effort to finish what we start, ya know? (Lol, I'm such a hypocrite for that last statement) Mature women (both mindset and/or body), the little things in life, college, music, working out, and pocky.

Dislikes - Anyone who is willing to throw me under the bus in any way, shape, or form. You laugh until the tires imprint itself on you.

Top 10 Animes

1. Dragonball Z ( A classic. This is what got me into anime. For that, I am forever grateful.)

2. Rurouni Kenshin (Anyone with the moniker "Man Slayer" has a high body count...)

3. Mobile Suit Gundam/Gundam Wing (Top notch animes. This was part of the shows I grew up on.)

4. Bleach (When everything hits the

5. Naruto (The end is near, but I'm happy about it.)

6. Samurai Camploo (Badass status! The fight scenes, plot, characters...everything!)

7. Outlaw Star (Gene Starwind was legit, you can't tell me nothin...)

8. Fist of the North Star (One of the most manliest anime I've ever seen in my life...)

9. Princess Mononoke (I am aware that this is a movie but who cares? Ashitaka was rough on the sneak.)

10. Wolf's Rain (...this anime actually pulled on an emotion or two, and I'm not ashamed of admitting that.)

Potential Stories and Work In Progress

Goraikou Senpuu - The Retrieval Mission was a success but in the end, he still lost. Because of a severely beaten Sasuke, Naruto is exiled from Konoha. But just because he is banished from Konoha, doesn't mean that he won't stop protecting them.
(Naruto x Harem) Naruto/Okami Crossover

Last of the Human Sacrifice - Enraged from losing so much, Naruto died in the final confrontation with the Akatsuki...not expecting to be taken by the Shinigami of the Seireitei. With everything that had happened to him, he isn't the same. Now having a different demeanor, how will he live out this life?
(Naruto x Harem) Naurto/Bleach Crossover

Calibur of a Jinchuuriki - It was over. The Akatsuki finally captured him. For the Kyuubi host, he had nothing to lose and released the Kyubi, taking the organization down with him. So years later, why is he finding himself in that same chamber with a sword calling to him? (Soul Calibur IV Timeline)
(Naruto x Small Harem) Naruto/Soul Calibur

Sage of the Rising Sun - To every cloud, there is a silver lining, so Naruto hoped. Due to a mishap on the sealing of Juubi, both he and the Ten-tails are stuck in a new land. But, Naruto doesn't know where Juubi is. And now he is asked to journey with a white wolf named Amaterasu. Kami is more with him than he thinks.
(Naruto/Small Harem) Naruto/Okami

Last of a Dying Breed - Walking away from a decimated Konoha, Naruto finds that everything he had is lost. Discovering an ancient well, the shinobi felt a call coming from it. Getting closer, he saw a pearl of long-forgotten power inside, calling him...
(Naruto/Small Harem) Naruto/Inuyasha

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer what I can, but know I do have a bunch on my plate and do this for fun and on my free time whenever I want to. If you don't get an answer though, don't take it to heart.

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