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Hey you! Are you staring at me? Christo!
Spirits I get, but people ...

No, just kidding :-) Nice to have you here. It’s not much to say about me. I’m a forty something (yeah, tough to compete with all the young and beautiful women around our boys, but I won’t let go ...).

Up till now I was strictly on the receiving part of the wonderful world of fanfiction. And knowing pretty well what an incredible awesome job most of the writers here do, it’s hard to take the first step on the other side – the delivering one. Especially since English isn’t my mother tongue, so my brain is spinning a plot in German and my poor fingers have to type it down in English, and in between there might happen some strange things, so if you find weird creations and funny spelling mistakes, blame it on my provenance.

There’s one person though who I have to blame for falling in love with Supernatural and the incredible pleasures of fanfiction: my brave and beautiful sister in mind, the gorgeous BarbaraGER! Thank you for having my back, sunshine. I dedicate my firstborn to you, even if it’s only a drabble. Hopefully he’ll have siblings one day :-)

You’re still there? Can’t believe my eyes. Well then, have fun – and should you feel like reviewing: knock yourself out. I’ll appreciate every single word. Promise!

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