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Hi I am female, live in good old Germany and I'm an absolute big fan of Stargate Atlantis, and my favorite role in this great serie is, obviously, Lt.Colonel John Sheppard as in my opinion he's the most fascinating and complex character of all. Okay, and the best good looking too, I won't deny that fact. LOL

So I started writing and creating a story around him, and have spun out my very own version of Atlantis and John Sheppards life there. Though there are some action scenes here and there, it is basically a romantic story, with lots of glimpses into his private life in Atlantis, and it also contains hot sex-scenes (Just a little warning from me here, in case you don't like reading such stuff).

Nevertheless, I wish you a lot of fun, and thanks for taking your time reading my stories, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing it - and still do. :)

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