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AliceCullenIsMyIdol PM
Joined Nov '08

Favourite animals:Tigers, Cats, Bats, Snakes, lions

Favourite artist:Nickelback,Simple Plan,My Chemical Romance, Hinder, Lonestar

Favourite books:twilight, vampire academy,vampire diaries, eclipse, marked, betrayed, chosen, untamed, hunted, frostbite, shadow kiss, blood promise, tempted, spirit bound, burned

Favourite Quotes: You are my life now, When you can live forever what do u live for?,Either you die the hero or you live long enough to see yourself as the bad guy, (this is from the twilight movie) It's okay Jasper...u won't hurt her,

Favourite shows: Buffy:the vampire slayer, CSI, Hannah Montana, Zoey101

Favourite food: MOUNTAIN LION!! lol no it's pizza

Favourite songs: The Rest of my Life - Less Than Jake, Without You - Hinder, She Never Cried in Front of Me - Toby Keith

Favourite colour: Silver, or black if u count that as a colour

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer do u know you're unlike any other. You'll always be my thunder.

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