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I have just looked back on my last profile update-which occurred nearly two years ago-and realized just how much of a nerd and a dork I was. Okay, so maybe I should not be using the past tense with those descriptions, but at least now I have the common sense to no longer wish for the entirety of the fanfiction network to have access to this knowledge as well.

On another note, I am a twin and have sisters who are twins as well. Hence the nickname. I am the oldest-albeit by only a minute or so in my twin's case-of all three of my sisters, with no other siblings. As an avid reader, I am always left extremely ravenous and wanting for more whenever I finish a book or series. Science fiction and fantasy tend to be where most of my favorite stories live, but, really, if a book of unique plot line and strong character development is dropped in my lap, I am basically useless at fighting off the influx of endorphins that come with my reading addiction. I really would not have it any other way though. Being able to immerse myself into a new story, adventure, land, romance, mystery, or action-packed drama brings me some of my greatest solitary moments in life. Being able to share most of this passion with my sisters and best friends only adds to the heights excellent characters and authors can fly me too.

While I am one of the most vigorous readers I know, for now, at least, I have failed in my quest to develop into an adequate writer. For this reason (plus a myriad of academic, athletic, and social responsibilities I could spout excuses about for year-but won't because I recognize none of it matters a bit in relation to the ultimate let-down I have subjected any prospective readers to), I have decided to delete my single published story on this site, Lunar Control. I am genuinely and desperately sorry to any and all of my readers, reviewers, viewers, story alerters, and favoriters. At first, any of these actions uplifted me to unbelievable heights, but now they just highlight my enormous betrayal of my promise to my readers to finish what I started and continue in writing this story. I have lost my muse for this story, and I am truly sorry, but I feel I need to take this story down. For, if I currently never intend to finish writing it, why should I subject readers to a taste of something-I am saying this humbling, not because I believe something I wrote three years ago is really even worth anyone's attention- they may want to pursue only to leave them with the bitter sting of disappointment when they realize how long it has been since I updated, and that I probably never will at this point. I am ashamed to have done this for so long, when I m guilty of disliking authors for doing the exact same "crime." With this, I close my monologue about my failure as a writer on this site with a sigh and a hanging of my head in shame.

Now, I am not a writer at the current time, but I am a true lover and admirer of the brilliant minds that envelop and further develop this site everyday with their new posts, updates, and concluding chapters and epilogues. I continue the search for the next engrossing story or the new author just around the corner who I will add to my personal, mental "hall of fame."

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