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Bahamut king of the dragons PM
Joined Nov '08

Name: call me BKD, or bahamut-chan (your choice).

Favorite anime/manga series: Naruto, YuYu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and the Maximum Ride manga series. (there are some other series that I like, but I would take up too much space on my profile)

Operating system of choice: Mac OS X

Favorite video games: Golden Sun the Lost Age, Digimon World Dawn, and the Pokémon series.

Favorite book: the Maximum Ride series.

Favorite food: PIZZA!!

Favorite drink: creme soda.

Favorite phrase: Hell yeah!/if you continue to do that, you only continue to make yourself look even more dorkier.

A normal day in the life of BKD: 10:30: get up. 10:45: get dressed. 10:50: eat breakfast, drink coffee. 11:00: find something to do. 12:00-3:00: finish doing what I was doing. The rest of the day: lounge around, trying to think up ideas for fanfictions.

DO NOT say anything unfriendly about me or I will block you from viewing anything, review anything, PMing me, etc.

78 of all percentages are made up on the spot. If you are someone who does make up percentages, copy and paste this onto your profile. You should also put your name next to the last person to have "signed" it. Bahamut King of Dragons,

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