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I like: living in California. Sushi and spicy thai curry. Swimming in large bodies of water. Celtic Punk. Movie trailers. Fake nacho cheese. Making lists. Fanfiction. Running in races. My nieces and nephews. Chapstick. 90's music. Capybaras. Gay rights. Talk radio.

I dislike: Skinny jeans. Bobby Flay. Cucumbers. Sleeping with the window open. Surprises. Sarah Palin. Heights. People in mascot costumes. The fact that there will be no new LOST episodes until Feb. 2010.

Favorite pairings for FFic:

Edward and Bella (Twilight, of course)
Jim and Pam (The Office)
Olivia and Peter (Fringe)
lately, I've been on a wicked Spock and Uhura (Star TreK: 2009) kick. Like, bad.

You can follow me on Twitter if you like... ahlthyaddiction.

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