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December 31, 2010

I came across a very interesting and helpful site: Commons Errors in English Usage


There are plenty of folks who write FF (including me) who should find it beneficial.

As for "The Dark and the Dead", it hasn't gotten far. I wrote a fifty thousand word novel this past November that needs lots of work and I have started other stories instead of finishing anything. (sigh)

I just looked at my "traffic" page and I can't believe people are still reading my stories. That's delightful. Thank you so much. Sorry I haven't written anything new.

December 20, 2009

The Dark and the Dead is in progress, but may be delayed a bit. I had a heart attack on December 15 and haven't returned to writing.

I like to suggest some excellent stories I've been reading:

True Blood

The Arrangement: this one is a roller coaster ride, one of those that you know is going to turn the world upside down and you can't get off.

1,001 Nights is one of the best stories on Fan Fiction. It's about a young woman with some interesting powers who surprises Eric and Pam be digging her way out of a big container of potting soil in the basement of Fangtasia. This story has some of the best original characters I've ever read.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Deadly Sight: The protagonists in this one live in Michigan, but some of our favorites from Louisiana and not so favorites from Nevada are included. This is an excellent story.

Entitlement by Morgaine. Anything by this author is good. Eric gets to Sookie before Bill takes her virginity.

Addicted to Love is a sequel to Pour Some Sugar on Me. Please believe me when I say these are well worth reading.

There are more. Many of them are on my Favorites. I'll add some reviews along the way as I make sure the titles are correct.

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