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The name's Alyssa, not just Lyssa.

I was thirteen (I'm twenty-six now) when I caught my first glimpse of the red-head we all love to hate, David Caruso. I fell in love with CSI: Miami that day, or shall I say, that night. I then began watching NCIS and Criminal Minds. Wonderful shows... I'm a total Gibbs/Abby and Tony/Ziva shipper on NCIS and a Morgan/Garcia and Hotch/Reid shipper on Criminal minds. "Please", my Gibbs/Abby/NCIS story is currently on hiatus (I'm horribly sorry!).

As for shipping goes, on CSI: Miami I LOVE Calleigh/Eric. They were so always meant to be, but of course, CSI: Miami and its writers had to go and ruin that! With Horatio, I've got my Horatio/Ryan story, "Whatever Happens, Happens". As for other slashy things go, you can check out my Tony/Gibbs story, "Wants and Needs".

I'm not into anime or cartoons (sans Osmosis, and that was TOTALLY DeviantArt's fault!). So, yeah, you won't be finding that here. Sorry. My Osmosis story is Ozzy/Thrax centered, and I'm not sure if I'll continue it, but keep checking back.

I've been writing as long as I can remember. It's my passion. It's my life.

There's not much left to say... Except there really is, I'm just too lazy to try to think. When I'm feeling more mentally energetic, I may say what I'm thinking.

Toodles, dear readers and writers, I look forward to anything you have to give.


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