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Hey there,

I am Veysha (formerly known as Violet-san), a 24 year old female who likes to write. What a surprise. ;)

For starters, I'd like to state that English isn't my mother tongue and I don't have a beta reader. So please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors I may make, I try to read through chapters multiple times before posting, but I know that some errors just slip through anyway.

If you want, you can point those you find out in a review or per PM, I'll change them in my local file then, although with the way FFnet handles older chapters it will be very difficult to actually update them here.
I do post some of my fics on AO3 though and I try to remember to update those chapters - but I have to admit that FFnet is my 'home', so I might not be as active over there.

Also, I have a second profile on FFnet, created for rather stupid reasons to be honest, but I started writing some Star Wars centric stories and one shots over there. And since I do not want to lose the reviews it will stay there now and I'll use it for anything Star Wars related, while keeping everything else (which will mostly be Harry Potter, really) here.
If you want to check it out, it's called Esterni.

Yeah... And for those who don't like to read longer profiles, some quick facts about me and my favourites:

Nickname: Veysha (formerly Violet-san)
Age: 24
Gender: female

colours: green, blue, red
books: Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling), A Kiss in Time (Alex Flinn), 'Das Netz der Schattenspiele' (Ralf Isau), most book series of Rick Riordan
movies/series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Howl's Moving Castle, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Ocean's Thirteen
manga: Black Cat (Kentaro Yabuki), Silver Diamond (Shiho Sugiura), Karneval (Touya Mikanagi), Fruits Basket (Natsuki Takaya)
games: The Legend of Zelda (especially Minish Cap & Skyward Sword), Kingdom Hearts, Harvest Moon, Pokémon, LEGO Harry Potter, The Sims, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Rhythm Thief

Should anyone want to PM me to talk about any of my favourites, my inbox is always open. ;)

Most recent announcement regarding 'Snake Whisper' and 'Master of Death'
I'm trying to get back into the flow of writing for Snake Whisper, as it's really been lying around for too long already, but it's very difficult. My goal would be to at least manage one update per month, but let's see what my muse will say in a few weeks/months.
I promised I won't abandon it though and I'm sticking to it.
Although Master of Death sadly will continue to be on hiatus, in hopes of making me finish Snake Whisper easier. (Ignoring the fact that it will still go on for quite a while...)
In any case, I want to thank each and everyone who reads, follows, favourites and/or reviews either story. It's making me very happy every time I receive a notification about it and I will do my best to fulfil my promise of one day being able to finish both of my stories! A big thank you to everyone who is staying with me during this time or even joining later. You are very, very awesome! I love all of you!
Regards, Veysha

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