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In 2008, there was a girl who was lonely and about to start a really shitty divorce that would drag on for years and drag her fic into her divorce documents. So she pulled her fics. Well, she tried moving them to a sock account first, but that didn't work either.

She still writes fic occasionally, only at AO3, where it's easier to keep things from wandering eyes of exes and their families who are interested even years in for no discernable reason. Mr. H is there, and you can download it in multiple formats without all those pesky grammar errors someone introduced to the version that floats around on torrent sites.

Find it by searching for algonquin (no rt) on AO3. And she's on Twitter as well, still talking about fandom, at @d0tpark3r.

On a personal, non-third-person note, thank you all for getting me through the worst few years of my life. I will always treasure the community we had, and while my fic may no longer be here, I saved every last review in my email.

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