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Age: 22

Gender: Male

Name: I don't want to be cliché but I ain't telling you that... cause if you're not smart enough to find out then I despise you (I know... harsh...)

Hobbies: Reading anything that isn't depressing or badly written, writing, drawing, RPGs mastering and Bad jokes creation

Things I like: Food! (I can't live without sweets) My hobbies! Clouds! Rain! Tea! Surreal things! Acting weird! Music! Stories with time travelling! Stories! Stories whith time travelling to an unusual era! Drinking with good budies!

Things I dislike: Bad teachers! (you guys have no idea... they're like a Plague that can't be cured and spreads!) Worse teachers! (they don't spread, but they are really, really hard to kill... so you don't get rid of them either) Stories without plot! (doesn't matter if it's intentional or not) Stories with too many writting errors! (even if being french makes me a "not so good at english spelling" writter) Motivations speeches! Surprises!

Dreams for the future: Publishing something that isn't fanfiction

Favorites pairings: Anything/Harem (as long as there is no yaoi) but anyone could have guessed that much (if you are confused then see Gender) but I can go and be happy with Naru/Hanabi (don't realy have an explanation) Naru/Tsu (with time travel involved) Naru/Ten ('cause you know... people that aren't weird need to get more spotlight... so that readers can see them freak out when they meet the other kind)

Pairings I hate: Anyone/Sakura (she deserves to die alone and sad!), Male/Male (I just can't okay? not when it's the main focus anyway... but it can be great as a side thing like Oro/Sasu)

Favorites universes: Naruto (a lot of things to mess with and a lot of writters/readers), Harry Potter (same thing but with a world fairly diferent) and Avatar the last Airbender (the characters are just too good to forget)

My point of view about bashing: Any story should bash at least one person. Doesn't realy matter who, someone must pay, be the black sheep and allow the reader to be cruel. While it is interesting to rock the readers perpectives, the poor lad must know that some things will never change (the main character can never die and at least one vilain is never going to " come back to the light 'cause he is a souless bastard).

Personal quote: (as in mine and mine only) Fixing a collapsing system (economic or otherwise) is like fixing a waterpipe without stoping the flow. It's much harder than it should be. It's likely to get a lot worse before it gets better. Thr water level will raise for everybody; but in the end, the one guy that is going to be soaked to the bones is the dumb fellow that was in charge of the repairs.

Note: credit for my avatar goes to some random deviantart artist whose name I simply don't have. If you are him and don't aprove just send me a PM or a mail and I'll get rid of it.

Stories Status:
-The Enchanter and the five coincidences: Chapter one to seventeen posted /interlude posted... 18 (two pages)
-Of Magical classification: posted. seeing about a next chapter
-Tea and Tears: Chapter one and two are up. Don't know when or if there will be another one.

Note: Someone proposed to be my beta (I think) but his PM was strangely cut and apparently his profile doesn't accept PMs... Makes things kind of hard. If you are reading this Armand DuBerry (or anyone who knows how to contact him) please give me a mean to contact you back.

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