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Born in Westside Seattle and was right out side of it for the first three years of my life. Not that I can remember it. I was tolled that even when I was young, I was shy. I still am, but not as much, it’s manly with people my age I don’t like to talk too.

Because most of them can’t think.

Not saying that you can’t but a lot don’t try.

I moved, when I was three from a hill top to a no man’s forest.

Okay there where people there, but not many. 11 miles from any little village, 4 miles from my mother’s work and half from the mean rode. So even if we knew the time the bus would come around, doesn’t mean we’d get on it. The “School” was in the village and not one person would even dream of not going, even though we got sick of it, it was the only way to talk to people.


Yeah, I didn’t like it.

My father hated it,

My mother couldn’t do anything about it,

My brother couldn’t talk,

My sister would run to her friends and stay as long as she could,

My other brother was only a babe.

I could only dream.

And I did.

At the age of ten, I knew I could read, but I hated the teachers. And they didn’t think I could do anything, much less, read. It was only thanks to my friend, one that I would of loved to be better friends with, but she wasn’t the…most social person in the 100 kids school. I mean, you didn’t know the name, yeah, but you knew the face, and their parents and any other family members they had. She showed me, manga, Inuyasha really. And that’s how I really started to read. Now it’s hard to get me to stop.

We moved off the island before I started high school.

Because, they didn’t think I could read, But there were the few that knew that I could.

I thank them, without them and their (even hated) work I wouldn’t think of moving out, getting a job, or even collage.

Thank you, Thank you.

I miss them, truly I do.

One is no longer teaching, because she knew of the great things that we held.

(More to be writen!)

Your Superhero Name is The Silent Glory Your Superpower is Cybernetics
Your Weakness is Cold Weather
Your Weapon is Your Power Throwing Stars
Your Mode of Transportation is Giraffe

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