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Name: DarkSecretLove, Sophie, Zoef
Age: 22 years old.
Country: The Netherlands, in Groningen
Study: Psychology at the RuG, the university of Groningen.
Loves: My fiance, The people I love and care about, Good music, Reading, Taking pictures, Writing, Painting, Fluffy things, Happy things, Bouncy things, Sweet things, Big fluffy teddy bears, Concerts, Festivals, My dogs, and the other animals around the house, Reading and writing Fanfictions and more.
Dislikes/hates: Bad music, Addictive things, Stupid exes, Sad things, Wet shoes/clothes, Trains with delay, Hard noise, Cold things, Headaches, Being sick, Nagging people, People who lie, People who break promises, Emo things, Hardcore, Grindcore, Hard industrial, When I have to wait too long for a new chapter of a story I'm reading, Being stuck in a story and more.
Favourite music: Metal (almost all kinds), Folk, Rock, Hardrock, Celtic, Gothic, Industrial, Jazz, Classical
First big concert: Metallica, Gelredome Arnhem, 8th of June 2006.
Favourite festival: Graspop Metal Meeting ('07, '08, '09), Summerbreeze ('11).
Favourite quotes: Live like you will die tomorrow, dream like you will live forever.
If life is giving you lemons, you should try and make lemonade, and go find someone who's life is giving them vodka and have a party.
All that I need is heavy metal.
For the love of music.
'Rawr' means 'I love you' in Dinosaur.
Life sucks, get over it.
Favorite genre: Defenitely drama, romance, angsty stuff.
Fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The Avengers, Doctor Who.

To anyone who's reading Dear Diary: I am sorry to inform you this story has been discontinued.

I'm DarkSecretLove, also known as Sophie, or Zoef. I'm 22 years old and I've got this great amazing passion: writing. And reading.

I really love to write dramatic stories, with some romance (or a lot) and some light yaoi/slash.

I'm writing right now, but at a very slow pace, as my life is quite hectic these days:
The evil behind two faces, a memoires written by Axel, Roxas, Demyx and Cloud. The story's about a boy who's abused in several ways and found himself a way out.
Why do you read, a story based on my experiences in Barcelona (Spain), including Demyx and Zexion.

Other than writing KH fanfiction, I also write fanfiction about a Finnish rockband named Lovex.
I've finsihed 4 long stories about them, and some short ones. You can find these in my DeviantART gallery.

Most of my stories are also to be found at http:// in my gallery, which I update a bit more regularly than this site... sorry.

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