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It’s been over a year since I joined this site and a lot has changed in that time. Not only have I read until my eyes were sore, but I also took the plunge and wrote a story. My imagination is large, and my journey to work was long, so my mornings and evening were taken up by the images of my story unfolding in my mind.

So Stolen HeART was born. I nervously dipped my toe into this large ocean of talent and found some amazing people. I bob along on the seabed and I swim with the shrimp. I am not a self promoter and I pretty much keep myself to myself. No one in the real world knows of my secret.

Stolen HeART is coming to an end now, with only two chapters left to publish. I will take my time and filter through the files of ideas that sit in my head. In the future I would like to attempt a short horror/thriller type story. My word count for chapters is usually very big, so writing a short story will be a big challenge for me. I would also like to attempt a kind gentler story, not so much angst. Though, one of my next ideas falls very much under that umbrella of angst I’m afraid.

I have to thank many that helped me on my journey; these are the silent team that helped me on my way.

Texbellemy validator on Twilighted, she also has a website. You can purchase some really unusual Twilight related T-Shirts. http:///

Katydid2363 is my foundation. She listens to my concerns and understands my work. She finds me when I’m lost and kicks my arse when I’m slouching. Without her I wouldn’t have the scope to expand. Thank you. http:///forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=249&start=3120

Look after the great writers. I’m a reader foremost and a writer second. Incredible writing and amazing story telling should be rewarded. If you read a story that you like tell them, if it’s a story that you love reward them. Links below are award sites.

Stolen HeART has been nominated over at The Indie Awards. The Voting opens 2/20. I'm nominated in two categories:

WIP: Stories that knock your socks off

WIP: Best Action or Drama

The Indieawards http:///default.aspx

I want to mention a really great new site regarding all things Twilighted It’s called A different forest. It’s wacky and fun and informative and so much more. It’s for readers; it’s not pompous or stuffy. I love it. So pack your tent and meet me round the campfire. http:///

I'm a Tweet @Wordy1504 I talk about cheese and the English weather. My journey to work and my passion for my gadgets.

Plagiarism is theft so please no copying reproduction or translation of this work is permitted without express written authorization from the Author of these stories Wordy.

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