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Hi, hope people are enjoying my work. I have never done anything like this before and I know it shows. I do hope to get better at writing as I go along. I just wish I had started with some of my smaller one shot ideas first to build up my skills. I would really like to get more detailed reviews on my weak points, there are many I know.

Likes: I love anime - Ranma1/2 (fav), Naruto, Bleach, Love Hina, Oh My Goddess, Chobits, Sailor Moon (guilty pleasure), Kämpfer and many more. Just about anything that reminds me of where I think home is (Japan), I have family there. But, I grew up in the US, so I only have memories of short visits there. This will mean that I will make mistakes on things, but I do have something to go off of. I just wish I was good with languages, I hate that my Japanese is poor ( OK, that's being kind, it stinks ).

My favorite TV: Heroes, NCIS - Abby is the bomb, I totally wish I was that outgoing, Farscape - Chiana, she's cool. I used to watch TV a lot, but I don't really watch anything on TV now but NCIS, they keep canceling my favorite shows.

Rants: Sorry, while I don't dislike Akane, I don't see her as Ranma's best match. Not that there can't be good AkaneXRanma stories. Also, I don't like Ryouga much, he passes the blame for his problems off to Ranma a little to easily, his honor is suspect to me. Not that he is without some good qualities. Genma goes without saying, he is little better than a child abuser, his views on women sicken me, falling into the Spring of Drowned Panda was too good for him.

Some story ideas I may work on (don't mind if others want to use, just let me know please).

1. Herb has had it with Lime and Mint, now they can touch breasts all they want, just not in the way they planned.

2. Genma learns a lesson in fatherhood after using a cursed item on Ranma making him relive Ranma's childhood from Ranma's point of view.

3. What if Soun's wife had not died.

4. What if Soun had two girls and a son, and the son fell for Ranma-chan at the start.

5. What if everyone thought that Genma and Ranma had died early in the training trip. And Nodoka and Soun had married each other to honor the pledge to join the schools. Makes for a strange home-coming when Genma and Ranma return.

6. Nodoka wants Genma and Ranma to honor the pledge and commit seppoku. Ranma refuses and breaks the family honor sword when Nodoka tries to use it on him.

7. Ranma and Nabiki switch bodies, now they have to find a way to switch back before one of Ranma's enemies kills Ranma's body. Well Nabiki always did want to be able to dress Ranma anyway she wanted, this was just not how she planned it.

8. Things happen as normal in the story until the Ranma and Genma are talking to the Tendo’s around the table. Soun presents his daughters to Ranma to pick one to marry. The two older girls defer pushing Akane forward as the one. Akane insults Ranma and says she will never marry the pervert; this is where the story splits from cannon. Genma asks one again which one will marry his son and is again turned down by the girls. With this Genma turns to Soun and reaching into his pack pulls out a scroll that has the contract that Soun signed when he borrowed money from Genma years before. In this Soun would marry one of his daughters to Genma’s child in exchange for negating the loan. If for some reason this did not happen the loan would be called in along with all interest on the loan from that date with the house as collateral. Genma asks Soun to repay the debt, when it is explained that they do not have the money Genma claims the house as payment, and asks that they move out within the month.

9. My Seven Ranma’s – came to me in a dream

Six alternate Ranma’s from different dimensions are pulling into Ranma’s world. The other six do not at first realize that anything has changed, but that soon changes as they meet the other characters in Ranma’s life.

The six Ranma – mix subject to changes (ideas welcome).

1. Ranko/Ranma-Chan: a fully female version that grew up at the Tendo’s, while Genma took Akane’s male version on the training trip.

2. Ranma2: a fully male version of Ranma trained and raised by Nodoka

3. Slayer Ranko: a version of Ranma with the Buffy template

4. Sailor Moon Ranko: a version of Ranma with the Sailor Moon template

5. Ranma3: a version of Ranma that has the Lost Boy problem (Ryoga)

6. Ranko2: a version of Ranko that uses magic more than martial arts.

One of them will take offence to the way Nabiki exploits Ranma and the others.

10. Ranma (Ranko) is given an item (Jewelry) as a gift by her mother. Not knowing that it is magical she makes a few wishes while wearing it. The first, “I wish that I did not have to hide my curse from Mom.” Second, “I wish that Akane and I were still friends. I hate the way she treated me when she found out about the curse and engagement.” Third, “I wish that Pop had never taken me away from Mom on that stupid ten year training trip.”

11. Ranma is thrown back in time to the time he fell into the spring of drowned girl. Knowing that there is no cure from the Taro event he is forced to decide to live with it. He asks the guide about the waterproof soap when he is alone with him and buys several bars and finds out where he can order more. He uses it to make his father think the curse is locked in his case, to get out of the marriage agreement with the Tendo’s. He also avoids being married to Shampoo. Having not run into Ryoga this time, he did not cause him to fall into the spring of drowned pig, but Ryoga falls into a spring all on his own.

Ranma may jump into the spring of drowned twins by his/her own decision.

Ranma mails a letter to the Tendo’s while they are traveling back to Japan from China. In this letter, Ranma writes them telling them that she had overheard her father talking about the engagement in his sleep. She wanted to let them know that while she will be happy to meet them, she felt it was only proper to warn them that her father has been very ill. And that his resent problem has made this worse.

12. Ranma’s father knocks him into the spring of drowned twins. The first of the new twins that rises out of the water is struck again and knocked backwards into the spring of drowned girl. This second cursing will cause the temperature of the water needed to release the curse to be twice as hot, near scalding. Later Ranma will find that if he and Ranko (his girl form) fuse before Ranko has released her curse to turn back that the resulting fused form will be a combo of boy and girl, until splashed again with cold water splitting them apart again.

13. When Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl, he gains the memories of a completely different life. The life he would have had if he had been born a girl. In this world, he was raised as a girl by his mother Nodoka after his father took her younger brother off to train. Her father had been training her in the family art until her mother had gotten pregnant again having a boy.

These new memories will give Ranma all the social skills and education that he never obtained as a boy under his father’s training unfortunately or fortunately they are all the skills a young woman would need to know. As it turns out, Ranma soon finds that he has become more comfortable socializing with others as a girl than as a boy. He/she also discovers something else that seems odd, she seems to be able to hold the girl form even when she contacts hot water, but is unable to keep the change from having when he makes contact with cold water. Ranma finds this out weeks later that he can change back to a boy, as it seems she was locked as a girl until then. Thus, her father believes that she is locked as a girl, an idea that she now is unwilling to let him find out about until later, much later or not at all if she can help it after finding out about the engagement agreement.

14. Ranma curse is different from that of Genma’s. It takes ice cold or colder water to change Ranma back to a boy and the change to girl only takes lukewarm water or warmer. This is due to the interactions of the several curses Ranma has picked up because of Genma, the latest being the Dragon’s Whisker. Each curse is a little different from normal now.

15. Ryoga falls into the spring of the Ranger (tracker, seeker) thereby being free of the family curse whenever he is in that form there is just one problem, the tracker was an Amazon woman. Now how can he hate it when it is what has set him free.

16. After watching a group of children happily playing, Ranma makes a wish at a fountain to have had the childhood that was missed while on the road.

An old man/woman overhears the wish and decides to grant Ranma the memories of having grown up as if Ranma had stayed at home. There was just one big problem with this, Ranma was in his cursed form at the time and gets the memories of having grown up a normal average girl. What’s a sex-changing martial arts to do when the most precious and normal memories he has is those of having grown up a girl with her mother and father caring for her and having a great friendship with her best friend Akane?

17. Things happen as normal in the story until the Ranma and Genma are talking to the Tendo’s around the table. Soun presents his daughters to Ranma to pick one to marry. The two older girls defer pushing Akane forward as the one. Akane will agree so long as Ranma remains female most of the time as she is as the two older sisters teased a lesbian. This makes Genma, Ranma, and Soun face-fault, Soun because he really did not realize Akane’s preferences.

18. Crossover with Ranma and DC. Ranma falls into the Spring of drowned girl as cannon, but there is a difference. The girl that drowned so long ago was from the planet Krypton, having fallen victim to the magical waters. The reason that no one has noticed the difference before was that the waters had weakened the cursed form until Saffron tried to kill Ranma with his phoenix fire which contained mass amounts of the sun like energy that powers Kryptonians. This overload of power is able to unlock the suppressed powers of Ranma's girl form. How will Ranma, who hates unearned power-ups handle having all this power and knowing that there are so many that it could help.

19. Ryouga arrives at Jusenkyo right after Ranma knocks his father into the spring of drowned panda. Seeing Ranma standing on the pole, his back to him, Ryouga sees his chance and throws his umbrella spinning towards Ranma’s unsuspecting back. At this point Genma has jumped up and knocked Ranma into the spring of drowned girl, but is hit in the gut by Ryouga’s umbrella taking a nasty gut wound before falling back into a second pool. When Ryouga sees what happened he suddenly realizes that he has killed or seriously injured the animal. Moreover, it hits him that it could have been Ranma that he cowardly killed by a back attack. He turns and runs off ashamed of his actions, that he could have let his anger carry him to nearly murdering someone. The only thing holding him together is that it was only an animal that was hurt and not a person.

20. Crossover of Ranma/Buffy - Ethan decides to test his Halloween spell out before going to Sunnydale. Ranma and friends find the shop open in Nerima before the American Halloween and plan on having a Halloween party at their home or the school. What will everyone go as and how will this affect those with curses.

21. This idea does not lock Ranma, but it does leave him legally female. Ranma was born at home and the required paperwork was turned in by his family, meaning that his original gender can not be proven as the only other witness other than his mother and father, the midwife has died over the years. Due to some action but the group (public battle) they are required to go to court, where Ranma is splashed with water before entering. The judge will mistakenly believe that Ranma's family recorded the sex as male illegally and have Ranma declared legally female. This will also, break any deals Genma has pledging Ranma to any of his fiances. Can Ranma handle this, and will Ukyo give up her claim when she is legally a boy.

22. (new 1/8/17) Harry wakes up from a beating by his Uncle to find that he has an extra voice in his head. Well, this was the first of a few extra voices. At first he thought he was losing his mind, but at least he had friends, it was just that they had information/skills that they could pass on to him and he could pass to them when he started Hogwarts. Harry has made a mental connection to Naruto, who starts teaching him ninja skills while Harry teaches him magic. Then another mind joins them.

Maybe, I should place all these story ideas in my story lists like others seem to be doing. I seem to have a lot of ideas and little time to work on them with my classes.


1. Harry Potter idea that I would like to see done. Harry and Hermione switch bodies so that Harry can work on a plan without anyone knowing what he is doing. There is just one problem, before they can change back Hermione in Harry's body is killed by one of Voldemont's minions. Now, Harry is trapped as a girl and Voldemont believes that he can not be stopped now. Harry as Hermione must now stop the Dark Lord as the girl that lived.

2. Draco attacks Harry with a magical item that he does not fully understand and they end up swapping bodies. One of Draco's minions then kills what he thinks is Harry, now Harry is stuck in Draco's body and everyone thinks that he is really Draco. What will he do now?

3. Genma and Ranma leave on the training trip a little earlier than cannon. In this AU it is not Soun's wife that died but Soun, so the three girls are raised by their mother. Ten years later, the post card from China arrives at the Tendo's with Genma and Ranma arriving a week later. How would things turn out different.

4. Shampoo goes to Jusenkyo to train before the big tournament not realizing the danger. She drowns in a new spring, while the guide is away. The Saotome's find Shampoo's camp and eat her dinner that was left cooking on the coals. The next day they fall in as normal, but Ranma falls into Shampoo's spring and end up unknowingly temporary stuck and looking like Shampoo. Leaving Jusenkyo having never meet the guide they take Shampoo's equipment and clothes as Ranma's do not fit. Leaving China someone sees Shampoo and it gets back to the Amazons. Cologne and Mousse go after Shampoo, Cologne to find out why her granddaughter ran away and Mousse to, well we all know why Mousse is following Shampoo.

5. Harry Potter plot idea: Harry and Hermione travel back in time spiritually during their third year when they attempt to save Sirius. When they put the time turner around their neck and Hermione started to spin it one of the Hogwarts ghosts passed through the wall they were next too and through their bodies at the same time disrupting their spirits connection to their bodies and sending them all backwards into their past bodies instead (you decide how far back they travel). Alternatively they are sent back to the night Harry's parents died, entering their spiritually empty bodies, that may still retain the originals memories but not their soul.

6. Ronald Bilius Weasley has wished to have Harry's life one too many times and finally some entity out there has granted his wish. Ron wakes up in a cupboard under the stairs with a scar on his forehead and the responsibility to save the wizarding world.

7. Harry Potter idea - everyone has a little good in them, what if the Horcrux created accidentally in Harry by Voldemort contained the only good part of Voldemort's soul. And this part actually helped Harry instead of harmed him.

8. Harry sends his mind/soul back in time to the night his parent's died to his toddler self. As much as he wished that he could go further back the spell requires one to focus on a strong memory and that night is as far back as he remembers. There is just one problem, he finds that little Harry rejects him (due to the protection) and that the only other body close enough is his dead mother's. But, Harry soon finds that there is a other problem, she is one month pregnant with Harry's sister.

Have a few more ideas, but they still need to slimmer.

06/19/12 - Making slow but steady progress, but at least I am now able to pen to paper to continue my stories.

06/29/16 - Was too optimistic with that last update. But, I am now no longer nearly blind after corrective surgery, still not perfect but a vast improvement over the last few years. Catching up in my reading and may be able to start some writing in the near future.

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