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Myrle 16 PM
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What can i tell you about myself?? Let's see, . . . . i guess u can call me Nnea. since that's what all of my friends call me!

I will write about anything...that is any thing that i'm interested in. I don't write "slash" stories. Having said that, some of the shows, I will writes/beta read for are:

Stargate SG-1 Sam/Jack Daniel/Vala Cam/Carolyn (romance) i will do friendship ones...

Stargate Atlantis any and all, ... granted, no slashing!

Smallville Lois/Clark Oliver/Chloe(romance) and friendship ones...

BBC Robin Hood Robin/Marian Will/Djac

Life With Derek all

NUMB3RS Charlie/Amita Don/Robin Liz/Colby Nikky/Ian

Castle all

NCIS Tony/Ziva

NCIS: Los Angeles Kenzie/Deeks Nell/Eric (there aren't enough)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

The Chronicles of Narnia

Star Trek Voyager

Glee (which is my NEW favorite)

Once Upon a Time

Legend of the Seeker

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