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I'm a 38+ year old mother of four and stepmom of three. Currently, I'm in nursing school too, which is the biggest reason why I haven't written. Any free time I have is completely filled with my fanfic addiction! It warms my heart to know I'm not alone, although my husband shakes his head daily.

Finding this site has opened my eyes, as I never knew fanfic existed prior to December, 2008.

I simply adore the Southern Vampire Mysteries...yes, I was one of the crazy people who read Dead and Gone within hours of it's May 5th release. As such, I am a die hard ERIC LOVER and find anyone other than Sheriff Northman a ridiculous choice for Mistress Sookie. Besides, he's a hot buttered biscuit!

On nearly a daily basis, I sit in utter awe at the creativity and dedication that the writers on this site possess. Thank you so much for entertaining me!!

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