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I'm a mom, first and foremost, to two boys. I have spent the last three years as a freelance journalist, but have recently taken a fulltime role, for the sake of greater financial security. I am concentrating more now on original writing, but I still read fanfiction and have the odd yearning to be writing it too. I'm a Sam/Jack OTP kind of girl, although I have no problem incorporating others into the picture. I am currently very much enjoying Fringe fandom, and have been reading a lot of Sanctuary too. I wish I had confidence in my ability to write convincingly in either fandom!

I love speculative fiction, and am particularly fascinated by time travel and tales of alternate realities, also alternate histories. My challenge is always, whether in fanfic or original writing, to develop a believable and sustainable plot. I gues this will be a lifelong challenge...

ETA: GRRRR: has removed all breaks, and so some stories appear to make little sense. I'm too lazy to go back and redo them; if you hit a bit where you think there's an unsuitable jump, please add a break in your head.

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