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Avatar art is by me. My Original Character from my HoI novels, Myra the west star.

Pen Name: =L.E.N.E.X=
24 (I'm so old)
Looking for work... Writer
Favorite Color:
Spirit Animal:
Zodiac Animal:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:
Earth Snake
Zodiac Sign:
Sun; Aries, Moon; Pisces, Rising; Cancer
Blood Type:
Appearance: 5'5", long curly blonde hair, Grey teal eyes
Purgatory, aka Florida
Sterek, GrimmIchi, Computer Graphics, Drawing, Manga, Poetry, Photography, Writing, and DrivingReading, researching, mythology
Favorite Bands:
Florence and the Machine, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, RED, Disturbed, Halestorm
Favorite Genre(s):
EDM, Rock, Metal, Gothic, Trance, Pop
Favorite Artist:
Michael Parkes, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Marry Cassatt
Favorite Author(s):
Chris Rice & Anne Rice
Art Style: Surrealism, fantasy
Favorite Game(s):
Gears of War 2, Sonic Advanced 2: Battle, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Versperia, Dynasty Warriors, Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, Star Ocean, Tomb Raider
Favorite Gaming System:
Favorite Character(s):
Derek Hale, Grimmjow, Prince Vegeta, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Espio, Vector(StH), Braid(Gow), Zelos Wilder(ToS), Guy Ciel(TotA), Yuri Lowell, Judy(ToV), Arumat(SO), Lara Croft(TR), Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastion Michaels(BB)... (And some Original Characters from my own writing): Ellentine, Hamui, Kry, Kyr, Korien, Zapal, Kai, Taku, Alace, Talon, Zephyros, Nereus (The list can go on... but they are my main faves)
Personal Quote:
"I honestly, don't know why there this profile in here."
Tools of the Trade:
Laptop, research materials, and my brain
Other Interesting Notes:
I'm pretty sure I'm mentally Insane but we don't call it that. I'm a pyro maniac. I'm Grey-A Heteroromantic. I don't like to get involved in pointless arguements.
Things I Support:
Equal Rights for all kind, Freedom, Originality, Creativity, Imagination, Art, Mythology, Writing
Supported Pairings/Ships:
Ships I do not like and Probably never will: Anything Uke!Grimm creeps me out along with IchiRuki, No Bottom!Derek, and No Scerek or Sciles!

Some Links-
LJ Journal:
Skype: Arual-Lenex
FictionPress: http://www.fictionpress.com/lenex (this is where you'll find excerpts of original fiction I'm working on)


I have been ASAP as all hell but ummm... Life and college. And Just horrible, horrible things have happened in my life and I've been ignoring a lot of thing. But hopefully I can kick myself in the ass and jump back on updating some of these fics. Thank you for favoring and following my fics! 09/20/13

I have at least a chapter done for each of my fics but I just need to finish them up and edit... But everytime I get halfway through I space out and then forget about it. It's very frustrating! And then I keep coming up with other new ideas for fics but I don't bother with them (even though they are really awesome!) because I know I'll never finish/update them! Honestly besides the four stories I have, I also have two Sonic ones shots I need to edit then I can post/share. Two TRC ideas I'm toying with. And several Bleach ideas. And maybe one Mass Effect idea... Ugh!!! For now I am just going to post what I have of my semi-pseudo Bleach crossover fic: The Wish of the Spirit King... (Which I might rename because I just kinda thought of an even better title). 8-10-11

I have been taking forever with working on these stories and whatever. I normally start something get super excited with it, get distracted and then move on to the next project and then on and on. I am gonna try my best to write more over the summer. I have other things I need or should be doing but am not currently doing. Hahaha! I really would like to post more and add to the Fanfiction community! 6-1-11

Oh working on a one shot Ulquiorra fic after reading Unmasked. It's almost-ish done! Gonna post that later today or tomorrow, have to help my brother move into his apartment today. After I'm done with that I might do one for all the Espada? Depending if people like the Ulqui one? Then I'll go back and update some of my other fics cause I have some shit done just never got around to proofing and posting.

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