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My husband's on ! http://www.fanfiction.net/~seriann

I write randomly and rarely. Don't expect updates any time soon. :(

About the Rad:
Married as of October 3, 2009. Moving into our first house 9/4/16. My Little Pony is my first love, Escaflowne the second and current. I also love Firefly/Serenity, Avatar: The Last Airbender, TMNT, Inuyasha, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Castle (and LOST, to some extent). I'm random, crazy, and I love emoticons. I live in a fantasy world; the people in my head know me there.

Finding and reading good fanfiction (sadly, it's a dying thing)
Reading books
Surfing the internet
IMing friends
Reviews! (Reviews that are more than "I like. Post more soon." C'mon people, what do you like? Is there any constructive criticism?)
Romance with a brilliant plot
RinXSesshie (Inuyasha)
Rayne (Firefly/Serenity)
WHIPPED CREAM! And maraschino cherries!!
Popyseed muffins. Yummy!
Her husband. (Dating since September 30, 2007, engaged March 6, 2009, married October 3, 2009.)

Bad fanfics that have bad grammar and don't flow worth crap
Lots of swearing/blood/violence
disallowing links in the profiles. .Onions
The fact that I can no longer turn off the touch pad on my laptop... I keep accidentally deleting things... It's a Dell Latitude D630 and it started out with XP on it from school, but when my husband and I rebooted it from disk to get rid of two viruses, we lost the XP set up and now have Vista. Which is fine... except that the touch pad is extra crazy and I can't turn it off...

Escaflowne Fanfiction: Destiny Arcs:

I first began writing Esca fanfiction waaay back in 2002/2003 and my first draft or two was utter crap... but I grew as a writer and I've kept growing. So has the universe inside my head for the Escaworld kept growing. Here you'll find all the generic information you need about my Destiny Arcs: What order to read them in, updates, and summaries.

Prologue: First of Atlantis, Fallen
(Last updated: 8-28-11, epilogue posted)
Progress: Complete!
The story of the Atlanteans in Atlantis: how they angered the gods, created Gaea, and were destroyed for their folly.

(Last updated: 8-14-2011, 2/2 parts posted)
Progress: Complete.
King Aston x Therese.
(roy-al): of royalty, pertaining to royalty, the performance and or duty of a royal person or persons. Grava Efud Aston, Royale, the Crown Prince of Asturia. A man studying to become the next great King of Asturia; a man focused on his duties. At least, until he met the lovely Lady Therese.

Childhood of the Illegitimate
(Last updated: 9-27-11, chapter 12 actually posted, chapter 13 posted)
Progress: 12/16
Sequel to Royale: The early life of the illegitimate first-born Aston daughter Esesra.

Born of the Blood
(Last update: 8-18-11, chapter 1 posted)
Progress: 2/25ish
The triangular love story of the three beautiful Aston daughters and the Knight Caeli, Allen Schezar. Mostly Eries-centric. Pre-Series.

After the Visions, Before the Visions
(Last updated: 7-23-2011: Chapter 22 up!)
Follows Hitomi, Merle, Millerna, Eries, and Celena during a two year period after the events of The Vision of Escaflowne. It also introduces Lane, my own character. What happens between Van and Hitomi, how do they bridge their planet-sized gap? How does Merle cope with Van and Hitomi's relationship? Do Millerna and Eries get along, about Asturia as well as Allen? What about Celena? She's a mystery all to herself. And Lane, where does she fit into all this?

Escaflowne Fanfiction: Escafans Prompts

I adopted the Escafans group over on deviantArt and in January 2012 I began doing prompts for each month. Writing as well as art is accepted (you should come join!!!). So I try to do little one-shots for those prompts/contests. And I wanted to post those one shots here, but those 'stories' would quickly build up and take up too much space individually here on . So I'm lumping them all together in one story.

January: Forgotten by the World - Give love to backstage characters. How Mahad met Marlene, inspired from a dream I had. Titled "How I Met Your Mother."
February: Romance - It's Valentine's Day! :) A take on Dryden's introduction scene from the point of view of Millerna. Titled: "Romance: Millerna."
March: Unknown to the World - Characters aren't seen at all or seen very minimally. The Kanzaki family's reaction to their missing daughter. Titled: "Missing."

Other Fanfiction:

Zutara Week Drabbles
Last updated: 8-29-2011: Prompt four of 2008 up)

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

- Some stories will take place in the AtLA universe, some within our own world, some within an alternate universe/reality, and some will simply be random
- There are a few drabbles that will be connected to each other. These drabbles began with 'Family' (ZW 2010 prompt #1) and I liked that idea enough that I wanted to continue with that plot bunny. Eventually I'll collect these into a separate story, but not right now. Currently, they have no order and I'll probably just put them up out of order but their chapter titles will give you a hint as to their generic chronology.

Summary: Drabbles written as entries into deviantArt's Zutara Week prompts. Most are short, some are not. They have very little to absolutely no connection to each other. Their only unity lies in the idea that they are centered around Zutara. This 'story' will be updated as I fulfill the different prompts in their chronological order.

Rad's Zutara Week Entries on dA (if you want to see what's already written but won't be up on for a while)

Behind the Light
(Last updated: 8/16/10: Chapter 17 up!)
[On semi-permanent hold... I have two chapters stored on a voice recorder and it's DANG ANNOYING to type them off. Enthusiasm semi-lost.]

Fandom: My Little Pony

Standing: My own universe

Summary: Follow the adventures of one young, different unicorn as she travels the galaxy with her friends, discovering the long-lost history of her planet and trying to find a way to save her home from a controlling evil.

Progress: In the works. Part of an outline has been worked to my liking, now I just need to think up more, then add several hundred thousand words. Being reposted.
26 chapters planned thus far
21 chapters written
18 chapters typed

Remember the Titans
(Last updated: 9-6-07)
Currently ON HOLD but not forgotten!! I want to at least finish my butt load of Esca stuff first. .

49ish chapters planned
#12 written, lost 10 and 11
9 posted

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