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I am allergic to dogs and cats, so I have Japanese Coturnix Quail as pets. I also own eight white homing pigeons. I have been a paid Renaissance Festival psychic, a banker, and a camping goods salesperson. I am a belly dancer, a flute player in a band, I have three spirit guides and see ghosts occasionally, usually resulting in me getting rid of the ghost. I am a Reiki Master Healer, an former ordained acolyte of Tibetan Zog Chen, and hold several empowerments. I've been a Wiccan priestess, a jewelry maker, a miner, a rock hound, a palmist, a cartoonist, a poet, a singer in a choir, and I have polished semi precious stones by hand. I speak several languages up to a point, and have been a member of ISKCON (krishna cult). I believe that my experiences add realism to the characters daily actions because I have been and done so many things.

When I am depressed, I go out to one of my walk in bird cages and hold seed in my hand, pretending I am Snow White, and the pigeons land on me to say hi. It really helps cheer me up.

I am a published author. You can find me on the Amazon Kindle website under "Spidell".

I was once a vegetarian. Now I am a carnivore. I only eat meat, dairy, eggs, chicken, and fish. I react allergically to almost all plants. Guess I have the stomach of a cat.

If you have ever read the entire Srimad Bhagavatim, cover to cover, ALL the verses of all 10 cantos plus the two Krishna Books, you are as crazy as I am. That thing weighs 50lbs in print. Go relax your brain for a few days, then copy and paste this into your profile.

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