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Mae govannen! My name is Araloth the Random, unabashed fangirl of...well, pretty much everyone Tolkien ever wrote about, and especially one Caranthir Feanorion.

Sometimes I go by the name Araloth of Doriath and like to publish short-and-sweet fics of varying genres under that name.

If you read anything of my earlier fics (I'm lookin' at you, 2009), beware that they might be kind of on the silly and not-that-well-written side of things. I was but a young Mortal still in high school and not even come unto my majority, which suffices to explain the quality. :P I keep them up for nostalgia's sake, however, and if you like them I won't hold that against you.

Not going to lie - I like reviews, so if you read something of mine and you like it, a comment is most appreciated. :)

And if you have any ideas on what you'd like to see me write or just want to have a chat, just drop me a PM! I like making friends. :D

~ Ara

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