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Personal Information:
I go by Mango (sometimes "DS")
Age: Twenty-One
Gender: Girl
Religion: Messianic Judaism
About me:
I graduated from college with a degree in air traffic management, briefly studied agricultural biochemistry, and am now studying physics and English in the hope of becoming a technical writer. I write fanfiction because it keeps my creativity alive (I would like to write and publish a novel one day). When I'm not attending school, I help train horses and dogs, as well as re-habilitate birds (mostly Congo and Timneh African Grey parrots). If I don't have to read academic articles, I typically study mythology or read fiction (of any kind).

The avatar is a photo taken by me. (Please, do not steal the photo...) It was taken in Munich, Germany from Alter Peter.

Story Covers:
The photo on the "covers" of Not my Time and The Anomaly also are photos I took. (I like taking photos of the sky... :/ I might change them later.)

Not my Time: I have revised and uploaded the first seventeen chapters. I recommend everyone to read them - even if you have read Not my Time previously. I altered the plot somewhat in order to make the story a little darker and more mysterious. Please, let me know what you think. I've really been working hard on this story.

I plan to continue with this story before picking up The Anomaly. The twenty-first chapter will be posted by October 31. It took more time to plan the events of the chapter than I originally thought...

Updated chapter twenty: 03/14/2015

The Anomaly: New story: Crossover between Doctor Who and Vampire Knight. I've already changed my plot-line for this story; I made it slightly more complicated, so I'm trying to get chapters up as quickly as I can manage in order to gain more readers. (I think the story is confusing right now, but I can't write it any other way without giving away all my secrets! XD)

Reviews are greatly appreciated; I'm in the blind right now about the story's perception. (I'm not one of those people who won't write unless the story is reviewed, but I tend to equate no reviews to mean the story is not being perceived well, which leads me to editing and re-writing chapters I've posted already, so the story never progresses.)

Updated chapter one: 11/02/2014

Updated chapter six: 01/13/2015

Unheard: Short Story: I took this story down (temporarily). I plan on making major revisions and completing this story before re-uploading it. Originally this story was an easy project, but then I had to focus on my schoolwork and lost my "situational awareness."

My fanfiction: I have two stories: Not my Time and The Anomaly. I started writing Not my Time a few years ago, then decided to revise it. (It really isn't the same story anymore... :/ Only the characters are the same.) The Anomaly I began writing because I've always wanted to write a Doctor Who fanfiction, and I finally came up with a plot-line worthy of taking the time to pursue. Because there are many parallels between Time-Lord and vampire society, I decided to cross the story with the Vampire Knight manga by Matsuri Hino. (I'm a geek for even analyzing Doctor Who and Vampire Knight enough to notice these parallels, aren't I?) In any case, I will focus on this story until I feel it is moving forward - i.e. when the plot begins unfolding.

Please, review critically on my stories! While I appreciate people who review to ask for an update, these types of reviews do nothing to let me know how the story is being portrayed!

I review: I review anything that catches my eye, even if I dislike the story. When I review I reply honestly because my purpose in coming to fanfiction is to help other people become better writers.

Please, enjoy my stories.


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