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Lover of books, TV, dessert, all things BBC/British, and traveling.

Writing is not my thing but reading is my thing, so basically the only reason I made an account so long ago was so that I could review other people's amazing stories because I definitely can't write like them.

Also yes my username is ridiculous but I made this like a decade ago (when I was still a youngun)...and unfortunately I can't change it now because then the authors I've followed for years won't know who I am anymore when I review.

I guess the other relevant information you should know is that I ship Ron/Hermione and Madge/Gale hardcore, plus other Hunger Games couples. I also tend to go through obsessive phases with other pairings from time to time (like my Jane Austen and North & South phase that lasted quite a while or my James/Lily Potter phase).

Also this is from some tumblr post (source: equalseleventhirds) but it literally sums up my life:

hey I just met you
and this is crazy
but I read all of your fanfiction in a single night and I cried over all of it and I finished the latest WIP at like four a.m. but it ended on a cliffhanger and I can't stand not knowing and I dreamed about it last night and I'm going to live in constant misery until it's resolved
so update maybe

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