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Welcome to HellSchool: /AU Fullmetal Alchemist/ Ed gets sent through the Gate to another Amestris. He is sent to an orphanage in Central and is forced to attend high-shool. He makes new friends including Envy, Greed, Denny Brosh, Schiezka and the crazy twins Niamh and Apple Greene. How does he learn to enjoy the drama of highschool, while, on the other side, his brother and old friends are trying to get him back?

Quote Crack: /Fullmetal Alchemist/ Complete stupidity XD every new chapter is based off of various things myself, my family and my friends have said. Each member of the team deals with two strange girls reeking havoc in their day-to-day lives. How could this possibly have a normal ending?

FullMetal Magic: /HarryPotter/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover/ Ed crosses through the gate and winds up at Hogwarts during the Marauders time at school. As he learns the various theories behind magic, relishes in the library, holds his own against McGonagalls cold glare and makes friends, his brother and friends struggle to find him, and think the worst of wherever he is.

Something He loves: /Fruits Basket/ The only girl that Kyo had ever loved comes walzting back into his life one day. How does this change his behaviour? Will the cat manage to get his one true love? (god that sounds so stupd and cheesy...)

Always Moving Foward, Always Looking Back: /Fullmetal Alchemist/ Hohenheims thoughts and feelings after he leaves his family behind. COMPLETED/

My Replacement: /Ouran HighSchool Host Club/ Kaoru is in love with his brother, Kyoya is in love with his best friend. One day they stay stay behind after hosting and find release in eachother. But how does it all end? /Mild Lemon/ /COMPLETED/

The Moon, The Earth and The Sun: /Ouran HighSchool Host Club/ Kaoru is in love with Hikaru, while Hikaru and the rest of the club are in love with Haruhi. Kaoru compares their lives to the way the Solar System is pulled together. /COMPLETED/

Family Portrait: /Ouran HighSchool Host Club/ Kyoya and Tamaki have always been the mother and father of the Host Club, while the others are their sons and daughter. How does it affect the children when their parents fight and break up? A song-fic in Haruhi's POV /COMPLETED/

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