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I'm Dragonjek (as you may know from the fact that you clicked on my name to get here).

My world revolves around two things; stories and music. Whether the story is told through the medium of manga, anime, a cartoon, or a movie, the only thing that changes is the style by which it is told and the manner in which you visualize it. My favorite medium of storytelling, however, would be manga, followed closely by anime (I typically try to find whichever one the story in question was originally shown in, then do that one first).

As for music... if the purpose of art is to evoke emotion, I don't know if anything can accomplish that job quite so marvelously as an outstanding orchestration or well-sung song. A tearjerking or heartwarming novel or film takes hours to do what a great song can do in five minutes. These two things make me feel alive as nothing else does, and I want to do my part to give back what I've so far only absorbed... but music composition software is a good deal more expensive than Microsoft Word.

If I could be said to have a dislike (particularly in relation to fanfiction), it would be character bashing. People make sense--even a villain has real motivations, real causes, that can be understood to some extent, and in some cases even mildly sympathized with. Bashing turns someone that an author doesn't like into a one-dimensional punching bag. Hm... I suppose I also get a little annoyed with the yaoi haters (I've noticed that there are a lot less yuri haters, though. Hm...). I'm straight and do my best to avoid yaoi, but the sheer amount of vitriol that gets directed at the people who write it gets out of hand.

A thousand appreciations to each and every person who has read my story! I know I don't update with the regularity you want me to, but without your support I doubt I would get as much done as I do. So thank you, all of you.

If there is any tragedy for an author, it would be that he has too many ideas and not enough years in his life to write them all.

And a mountain-sized pile of thanks to Adeshark for making the first art for my fanfic! It's the cover for the story, but the details are a little hard to make out on such a small image.

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