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Personal Information

Age: 26

Hair color: brown.

Skin: Latino.

Country: Germany

Sex: Yes, please. Gender? Oh. Male.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, Games, Kung-Fu, HEMA, training.

Fanfiction interests: Naruto, One Piece, Mass Effect, Harry Potter, DC, Marvel and any crossovers thereabout.

work: majoring in education for English and History.



Naruto/Ino: I somehow just feel that they click, you know? Two loudmouths who just won't give up just speaks to me.

Naruto/Samui: Opposites attract. She's cool and radiates calmness. Hailed as a genius and really fucking good looking. He's a brat with much wasted talent who pisses off everyone, drags them into his world and beats them by experience. Isn#T that romantic?

Naruto/Sakura: No. Just no. She's abusive, abrasive and just in general not a nice person. If well done and her character changes... sure. Canon? No.

Naruto/Hinata: Overdone. Sweet in a stalkerish kind of way. Too sweet for my taste mostly.

Naruto/minor characters like Fuu, Anko, etc.: Can work, if well done. Please don't go the way of every age works. That's a bit creepy.

One Piece:

Luffy/Nami: She was the first girl he actually really cared about and took him somewhat seriously. Really who else should he go for?

Zoro/Robin: Personally, I think it's even implied in canon, what with Zoro catching her like a badass on Skypiea and always jumping to her defence. He is also the most serious character in the crew and therefore the only real compatible match for her.

Sanji/Viola: I actually think this is really sweet. Should be canon and would work, since Sanji has been revealed to actually be a prince. (Woho would've thought)

Luffy/Vivi: Nice option. Very romantic. The deviant pirate comes to the princess' rescue. And Vivi is simply too sweet for this world.

Mass Effect:

John/anyone. It's Mass Effect. Every female on the frickin ship works for him. Harem is practically built in. If you're already saving the Galaxy, you might as well reap the rewards, right?

Harry Potter:

Harry/Hermione: I am still of the opinion that this is canon. They click. They work together and understand each other without words. Nothing more needs to be said.

Harry/Ginny: Just no. Oedipus sends his love. There actually is a hilarious story starting with that. It's called Harry Potter and The sword of Gryffindor. Go look it up. In addition, a green scaly beast awoke in his chest? Ever heard of something like jealousy? Lust? Definitely not love.

Harry/Cho: Not done much, and I like the idea. If Harry got the courage to ask her before Cedric, who knows how it would've changed? Nice options though.

Harry/Katie: I feel she is a very underrated character. A nice girl his age he is in a sports team with. Really? They even have showers in the locker rooms. Has he really never peeked on his female teammates? What kind of teenager is he supposed to be? She's supposed to be decent looking at least and sporty. Definitely a possibility.

Harry/anyone else: There are dozens of girls mentioned in the series who are practically character blanks. Many are not even mentioned with a hair color or anything, so there are no restrictions what she can be like. BUT there are a few who are defintiely a no-go: Pansy Parkinso, Millicent Bulstrode, Luna Lovegood and Marietta Edgecomb. Three are just plain antagonists in the books and it makes no sense whatsoever. Luna is sweet, but I get more of a brother/sister vibe from them. Though, if well made, can work as well. Sadly, she's just always simply included in a harem or doesn't actually work well with Harry in the fics I've read.

I will never write or read slash/yaoi! It's not that I dislike gays or whatever, but I dislike reading or hearing about intimacies between them. I'm straight as straight can be and will therefore not try to write or read anything I am unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. In addition, if you have to completely change the character you want to write a gay romance about for it to work, why the fuck would you even do it? Just because you can? That's how a bully works. It's a flawed logic. Harry is not gay. Naruto is not gay. Shepard might be gay. Though that's just a no go for me personally. The characters have certain traits that make them great and memorable. That's why we want to use them. If we change the complete character to something else without due reason, it makes most stories bad and bland. In that case, just start a new story with an OC.

Harems are to be used carefully. I'm a straight male. And as such, you won't find me negating the basic wish of every straight male on the planet to just be able to fuck with whomever we please and still have the niceties of a stable relationship. That's where open relationships and Harems come into play. Open relationships only work, if both partners know of it and are OK with it. Otherwise, that kind of arrangement won't hold. That doesn't mean that both partners have to partake in sex with others, but both must know that one of them or both have the option of jumping beds. Harems on the other hand work with just one person from one gender and multiple partners from the other. BUT. If there are too many characters in a Harem, the single characters will lose depth. That is always the problem when trying to write a story with many characters. A Harem, where many similar characters gather, just makes it even more difficult to keep the distinction between the single character traits. A Harem with two partners is pretty easy. Three gets more difficult. Four is already very hard and anything upwards of it just gets needlessly blown up. Personally, I think if you write a Harem story, don't go for more than three or four characters and think very intensely why exactly those characters. Harry Potter Harems for example almost always include Fleur Delacour simply because she's supposed to be gorgeous. That's not sufficient reasoning. Therefore, I stay away from big Harems.

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